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2015 Sichuan lock industry Assembly perfect curtain call

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-22
Around at 21:00 on June 18th, Chengdu, Trinity Township Liu Garden Ballroom is still a round of applause, which is the trade association for the Sichuan locks thank the majority of participants were carefully prepared a gala dinner, countless red wine in the spotlight under Gongchoujiaocuo delicious dishes in a mobile chasing light beam under bright colors, variety show is more icing on the cake. Water drum opening rally, Sichuan Opera face spit fire, Prachuab comedian on stage, performing a rare abdominal tone, hundreds of thousands of lottery prizes, Products Special auction and so on, this series add to the fun activities for the River locks Association General Assembly to draw a satisfactory conclusion. When the departure of more than 1,200 people in sustained applause, the Assembly also perfect curtain call tonight. Door Lock Manufacturers

Looking back at the General Assembly at its peak, more than 1,200 participants, support more than 70 exhibitors, only live day turnover of up to more than two million people immersed in the fruits of victory in the General Assembly. Lock trade through the media as River Lock Co 618 Congress The main contractor planning one of the units, in charge of the lock through trade Xue sword at the party was concluding his speech thanked the participating parties for their support, and wish great achievements have been made in the General Assembly. Of course, there are many various reasons did not Dear friends, in more than they regret, lock tradeOnline continue to bring exciting tidbits River lock Association Conference, for recollection and sharing. Door handle supplier

Chengdu as an important metropolis west, with the Tianfu New Area to upgrade national, to start building a second airport, more than 300 Fortune 500 companies settled in the west, and many other good news, the number of direct procurement requirements Project Rise, the West will, Fortune Forum event have been held in Chengdu. The industry-cum-lock 6.18 2012 held in Chengdu after the annual meeting of the National locksmith, locks trade through September 2013 eighteen step Island contractors Session, Wu Di in 2014 by the owners to do a lock, but all because of various subjective and objective reasons did not cause much of an impact on the industry, but left a "Sichuanese disunity," the negative feedback, but the era of progress in the industry In the development, but also because participation Sichuan Trade and lock-media began Baotuan development. Now active in the western market leading brands, an outstanding dealers everywhere, the locksmith professionals are increasing year by year, the end-user security And also to strengthen the demand for lock products, technology to unlock, locksmith supplies and consumables (equipment) also soared state procurement requirements; many lock manufacturers, suppliers have indicated a wish to enter the west; such factors, as manufacturers, Terminal locksmith and provide a gathering force in the prospect of a solution. Door lock hardware manufacturer