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2016 analysis of lock trade three prospects for development in China

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-02

  Locks on the market in China is mostly mechanical mortise lock and ball-lock. Both lock production technology is simple, as long as the materials, strictly control every production link, there was no quality issues. But the two locks are not high-tech products, low technology content, difficult to upgrade. Digital fingerprint lock is expected to make up the technical weaknesses. Door lock manufacturer 

  Locks the product itself is concerned, China's lock on the market is mostly mechanical mortise lock and ball-lock. Both lock production technology is simple, as long as the materials, strictly control every production link, there was no quality Problem. But the two locks are not high-tech products, low technology content, difficult to upgrade. Therefore, the lock industry after nearly 20 years of development, there is still no breakthrough, product features are always anchored to On the use, security, anti-theft function. Enterprises can do best is to control product quality and appearance models for innovation. You can say, low-tech resulting in deficiencies of the mortise lock and ball-lock, Development of lock trade short Board.

  However, the advent of electronic fingerprint lock hardware locks have been changed. With the development of intelligent security and broad application of chips, fast development of the electronic lock. At present, some of the big brands such as meeting Thai Dragon, paramount, door, cherry blossoms and other enterprises have developed electronic lock. Puxin hardware is also actively developing digital smart lock products, invested considerable financial and human resources, has set up a special production cars Rooms. Miao Zong say, intelligent electronic lock lock industry is likely to be the last piece of "Blue Ocean" market space is large, relatively high profits, profits and after-sales service is also great, and lock companies pay. Door handles suppliers

  An enterprise to survive in the product must be walking on two legs, one is a high value-added product, it can bring more profits for the enterprise; the second is to have the magnitude of the product, which is only needed for making small profits Moist, the aim is to attract the attention of consumers, enhance the brand and corporate influence. Both of them are indispensable. Lock companies, ball lock can be used to take the volume, and mortise locks and electronic locks can get more profits. According to the pre Measure over the next 5 years, demand will exceed US $ 10 billion of China's high-end locks. So, lock enterprises should hard skills, continue to develop high technology and high added value products, promoting on the basis of product quality, High brand awareness. East Branch hardware to the market downturn breakthrough, increase product research and development, its recently launched four "Chinese rhyme" series products are of superior quality, unique designs, is designed specifically for high-end Enterprise building Products, are welcomed by the market, to achieve a "high-end doors equipped with high-end locks" goal. Now, more and more enterprises will choose to have the strength, quality assured brand locks and enterprise cooperation. High-end wooden door Lock products need not only to have practical, but also a certain degree of artistic value. Therefore, the lock sector must work in product design, increase the intensity of research and development, the production of personalized products, in order to achieve product differentiation And attract the attention of door.

  You might be interested in studies on lock: lock accessories 2016-2021 China operation and investment strategy research report on lock 2016-2021 lock lock industry in China Trends research report on market operation and 2016-2021 lock industry in-depth analysis and the "Thirteen-Five" development planning guidance report 2016-2021 anti-theft lock industry in China and Studies on investment potential in 2016-2021 lock industry in-depth analysis and "Thirteen-Five" development planning guidance more analysis of the building material industry, according to the report released by the China report Hall of the 2012-2016 Years Chinese lock industry in-depth analysis report showed, door customization creates locking customized building size is not uniform, making doors and Windows industry is still dominated by customized. Door customization will lead to metal locks Industry custom. Now that the doors and Windows, furniture, closets, cabinets and other household items can be customized, so lock product customization possible. Because lock bundled sales trends are becoming evident, consumers More inclined to buy product categories already equipped with locks. The future, locking customized two situations may occur: one is the production of door locks become a workshop; another is that a design company received the order Before placing door lock requirements of enterprises in accordance with the order for production, but the brand owner and lock the door is a design company. At present, the door is already at the first try. With the advent of lock industry peak, the small Micro-lock enterprises will be eliminated. After the "labor pains" tenacious survival enterprises more competitive, and more powerful customization. The future, high brand recognition, door lock with a certain scale and enterprise collaboration will usher in A new situation, locking customized production also will usher in a new "Blue Ocean". Door locks and enterprises cooperation stressed individual. China factory

  As we all know, although the scale development of lock trade earlier than the door, but after the door after more than 10 years of rapid development, its scale is far exceeds the lock industry. Today, the door lock industry industry has become the leader. Often Is a new advent, lock enterprises under that subsection until the door matches the product design, production of locks. Many European-style lock on the market are based on the production of high-end European wooden doors design ideas. At present, in the door and Lock-Enterprise relationship in the door factory occupies a dominant position. In most cases, to the door lock and enterprises to seek cooperation, few doors factory active cooperation with the lock factory. Lock most entrepreneurs believe that is locking the door Kit only Satisfied, lock products can be sold.