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A maze of door

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-22
Traditional door chains have just come through a period fixed chains horizontal slide, but this design has added a very interesting maze. Trying to untangle the chain, you need to consume some mental Oh! Door Lock Manufacturers

Typically, in order to protect security, we'll add an extra safety lock on the door, in order to respond to unexpected situations open the main door lock may occur. But in general we have seen the safety lock is just a simple padlock. In order to To better protect the safety, Art Lebedev Studio designed a specially enhanced version of the locks. As shown, it turned out to be a maze. This, of course enough insured, but ...... in a way, you also lock myself in the house. Do not To think that Art Lebedev studio crazy, in fact, this is just where they spoof April Fool. Door handle supplier

This is definitely a maze let fans crazy ideas, the maze and door locks with together, lets you enjoy playing by yourself, but if you want the door in a hurry, then estimated to be in trouble, after all, be able to go through this maze is not an easy thing to do in a few seconds, oh. China Locks Factory

The idea maze designer locks, estimated to be a maze enthusiast (if it is the Chinese people, it is definitely a fan of Legend), should have done this you can use the "abnormal" to describe the locks. Ordinary locks lanyards, most After more than triple can be opened, but if your door locks tops this maze, it must be super depressed, in order to lock and unlock a day will consume N long time, then if this lock design in the toilet door On, so someone must be the crazy!

This design is not so much creativity, as it is a performance art, because it really does not have any substantial meaning (unless you order the whole person). Creative designers is actually an angel and the devil dual incarnation, they can freely switch between the two, as the most likely reason for switching with the mood change.