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Insurance of the locks into an armchair strategist

  • Author:root hardware
  • Source:hc360.com
  • Release on :2016-01-05

End of the year, many people determined to change a good quality anti-theft locks. Careful people found in the purchase of lock boxes in general there will be a sale instructions that read the product has been on the insurance if the lock is opened with the technical means thief, burglary, you can get a certain amount of insurance compensation . But in practice, this measure seems good but difficult to fulfill, because of the large number of anti-theft locks are opened and stolen families do not get the appropriate insurance claims. Why lock the insurance become empty talk?door lock manufacturer

Mr Li complained that he had to buy a lock of instructions, said to have been related Suochang insurance company for insurance, amount of up to 600,000 yuan. But after his house stolen, he hit the insurance accept telephone number was found empty, which made him very angry. Nankai District, Lake Road, a lock company's owner told, as in the case of Mr. Lee is currently experiencing very common, because some Suochang declared itself a false insurance claims, there is no insurance in the insurance company. door handle suppliers

In addition, stolen home insurance claims is difficult to obtain because of additional conditions for compensation and insurance companies to set up insurance Suochang too harsh. Conditions in insurance claims, there is one: stolen household anti-theft locks must be opened thief technical means, rather than mandatory, damaging the lock. To prove this, we have to go to the public security departments above county and technical appraisal, and get a certificate of technical unlock. However, it is difficult to get the consumer testimonials. Another insurance indemnity provision: the family seeks compensation for stolen property must have the original purchase invoice, otherwise compensation shall not be identified. But the stolen cash and other impossible invoice.China locks factory

Anti-theft locks Shi Qinglong Experts suggest that people do not buy anti-theft locks too fancy so-called insurance claims, this is only a marketing tool only.