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All locks can open it with aluminum foil?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-16
          In life we ​​have knowledge lock with aluminum foil is very easy to hit the day, but what really tinfoil lock can open it? Generally speaking, the probability of tinfoil open the lock at about eighty percent to ninety percent, but this is only a particular type of lock by a number of professionals to open the case. In the interview, vice president of China lock industry will Wang Xiangming public office to help, he said, China's mechanical anti-theft lock the current implementation of the public security industry standard GA / T73-94, anti-theft protection lock into ordinary Class A and Class B advanced protection in bolt length, durability, anti-sabotage functions do several features distinguish provisions. In vandal function, A-level locking protection technology open time should be more than one minute, class B Protection should be open more than five minutes from time. According to understand, to open the lock on the foil are generally A-level locking, and the use of A-level locking users in the country accounted for about 50 percent. Door Hardware Manufacturers
         Wang Xiangming said: "Under normal circumstances, the thief impatient, a door if you need 3-5 minutes to open, it will give up, he needs is 'second to open'." Therefore, if the choice of a high quality standard of security lock, unlock foil can be effectively avoided. And the market there are "super Class B", "C-level" anti-theft locks argument, Wang Xiangming explained that this is because the industry standards in 1994, is indeed lagging behind, businesses promote their products anti-theft effect than B-class standards, So to say, but in fact these two "levels" are not a unified standard. China Locks Factory