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Analysis of Aluminum Door and Window Hardware Accessories on Door and Window Function

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-28

Aluminum alloy doors and windowsHardware accessories is an important part of its performance and quality of the windows and doors play a significant impact. As the continuous development of modern technology, doors and windows hardware accessories (handles, handrails, sliding support hinges, rails, connectors, etc.), but also more and more into the market.Door lock manufacturer

Modern building windows and doors according to profile varieties can be broadly divided into: plastic windows, composite windows, aluminum windows, aluminum windows are now China's major building doors and windows products, in today's building accounted for a large proportion. In fact, in terms of wind pressure, watertightness, air tightness and other performance or from the environmental aspects, aluminum windows have their advantages.

As the aluminum alloy in the natural conditions of the characteristics of highly passivated, metal parts used in general metal materials, the structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows will be a very small combination of ** anode.China Lock Factory

The use of new technologies, new processes, new materials is to improve the door and window hardware accessories the only way to corrosion resistance. Foreign hardware manufacturers to use physical vapor plating (referred to as pvd, also known as vacuum plating) to produce an excellent appearance and corrosion resistance of metal accessories. Vacuum coating with strong adhesion, coating is not easy to fall off; diffraction is good, uniform coating thickness; coating dense, pinhole bubbles less; easy to deal with before plating, the process is simple; materials province, pollution-free advantages.

Can be in the metal or non-metallic surface coating of single element, alloy or compound. Has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics and optics and other industrial sectors in the preparation of a variety of special properties of the coating. With the continuous improvement of vacuum coating equipment, large-scale and continuous, and the development of coating technology, can get good adhesion, wear resistance, high brightness decorative coating. Foreign in the handle, hinges and other accessories surface, the use of vacuum plating au, ag, al, zr, tin, lcrl8ni9, etc., and get excellent overall performance of the outer surface, so that handle, hinge, etc. These single functional accessories become The use of functional and decorative dual performance accessories.