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Anti-theft locks do not find the master lock on a straw solved!

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-23

   Security doorFamily is indispensable. A reliable quality home security means security door has been a degree of protection, the main function of the anti-theft security door, followed by decorative landscaping. However, due to maintenance, improper use will have when a failure occurs. Here we will be universal security door prone to problems and maintenance of knowledge, with the view of it!

First, the security door of my house is dirty, looks awful, how do?

When the door is dirty, the best way is to clean: with 70% of water for 30% of the cleaning solution is loaded sprayerInner surface evenly sprayed on the door, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Door handle supplier

Second, there is the sound of metal friction when the door switch is very noisy, how do?

When the door switch with metal friction sound, too lazy to look for maintenance personnel to repair, you can try a few drops of lubricant on the door hinge.

Third, the door must be closed so much trouble effort, this gate resistance is too big, how do?

Sometimes the door is closed when the resistance is too large, please do not worry, a little oil applied directly in the activities of the tongue, you can easily solve Ha.

Fourth, this is what happens, and why my key is not inserted into the lock? China locks factory

Sometimes you may encounter when you open the door the key can not be fully inserted into the keyhole. In the winter, you should first check whether the ice inside keyhole, whether there are other foreign matter in other seasons inspection keyhole. Do not go about it is not, or maintenance personnel find it obediently.

Fifth, the second track to lock the door lock but does not lock, how to do?

Sometimes in the course of anti-theft door, since the door switch hit is too large, it may cause the door frame and door dislocation, tongue stuck. do not worry! If the key is, it can be inserted into the keyhole would normally end with a small amount of pencil placed inside the drinking straw, the alignment cylinder, gently blowing in the cylinder. This will maintain lubrication. Door forced inside push, pull or use the door.

Six months into the open door locks are open for a long time, how it happened?

If you find that hard to open the door, not violent, not too hard, this will only put their locks to ruining. This is generally a small latch with beveled damp, had seen with the naked eye is not easy to rust! You can use fine Sha Busha it, or wipe the end of pencils can be easily resolved. Door hardware manufacturer

Xiude Hao is better to buy a good well maintained, the key is to focus on the quality of the original anti-theft doors and routine maintenance.