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Antique lock has a great market potential

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-22

 Locks in terms of product technology, or product quality, there has also been enhanced. If there is ic card electronic locks on the market today, steel doors and windows locked, double tongue resumed security locks, electronic password lock ball, double-leaf door, emergency channel locks, valve locks, intercom security system, encryption type magnetic door lock and so on. The industry believes that lock industry has gradually developed to the high-grade, high-tech direction. Part of the lock company has emerged from a low level of the price war, to launch a new round of competition.Door Manufacturers

According to dealers, currently on the market some of the antique lock in some large cities more popular, as some pursuit of personalized, fashion-oriented young people's favorite. Plus, like some marriage with wooden boxes, cabinets used antique locks, thus, antique lock also has a market potential and space.Doorknob supplier

 According to reports, anti-theft performance of antique pin with no handle sales strong, but now it is only favored by consumers as a decorative locks. Because of antique locks to use more complicated, some consumers are not good to use, home use very little, this is not entirely popular antique locks one of the reasons. Plus, antique locks are usually handmade, market price is relatively higher. But business operators who believe that with the international trend of all walks of life to become antique, antique lock will also have to have their own piece of the market.