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Count four problems of fingerprint lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-27
For domestic technology development and improvement of the current fingerprint showing a piece of explosive wave, under such a trend, driven by the face of enormous blue ocean fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock how many enterprise development should be vigorously developed , and we can see through the breakdown of the four performance Zhiai Fingerprint there, let us work together to carry out the necessary instructions. Door Lock Manufacturers
1, the first issue is respect for the degree of recognition, there are many waiting to improve the promotion, there is often a person's fingerprint fingerprint rejected, for now, the most effective way is through a combination of holistic to find the most fundamental purpose to solve such problems occur, find more people with initiatives to improve sexual mode. Door handle supplier
2, from the point of view of many domestic products of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock is not simply to know that a key to a lock so simple, to pass through its own research and development of technologies related to improve and achieve greater process Degree refined and improved follow-up and greater scope to expand our smart lock scene, showing a more convenient mode shape, to provide more space for the integrity of the span. Door hardware manufacturer
3, the high installation costs of fingerprint problem should be the need to explore, to meet the overall demand came from the lack of price performance characteristics, improve the overall layout of the performance mode.
4, the fingerprint service system should be greater scope to improve the state, which covers a wide range of technologies and services, users in the use of the process which is not just only the product of interest, for the strength of manufacturers and after-sales service It is still very concerned about.
For more than four Fingerprint encountered Zhiai to a full range of improvements, to achieve the best state, security companies to bring more development opportunities.