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C-level lock is currently not possible to open technology

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-19

       Good security, we must first work hard on the doors, the windows shut lax maintenance in advance, it must be replaced with anti-theft locks good effect, changing the lock is not in trouble, only the replacement of the internal cylinder can be. Door  Lock Manufacturers

Cylinder according to security level, there are many, is currently more popular, a good anti-theft effect, to the number of cylinder super B grade, it is mainly to prevent the technology to open a long time, up to 180 minutes or more, we currently use Cylinder mostly Class A or Class B, that is, in recent years, has just delivered a new real estate, the vast majority are also equipped with a Class A lock, with a few high-end residential is Class B lock, but the lock level B with the effect of anti-theft lock Improve technology seemed a bit to keep up with the needs of the times, the use of professional tools for unlocking thirty-five minutes can be opened. Door handle supplier

C-level lock is currently not possible to open technology

C-level locking is still not included in the national standards, it is only in order to distinguish between the industry and the Class B or Class B super-lock while doing business standards. It is better than the super anti-theft class B, the current level of technology, technology can not achieve open, unless the use of force destroyed on. Conditional consider installing this cylinder. China Locks Factory

If you lock your home for a few years or even ten years have not been replaced, give 96 128 call, but also to change the effect of a good anti-theft lock it! During the Spring Festival for the home as an extra security.