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Change lock industry, quality and technology

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-24

  In recent years, some large domestic enterprises began to enter the ranks of locks to develop high-end smart locks, high-grade locks growth. Development of lock products is to follow the market, as long as there is market demand, enterprises will also locks Going to open up, to the high end market. With the deepening of China's opening up, accelerate the development of high-grade construction, high-grade lock market has huge development potential, will be the emergence of a large number of high-end enterprise. Door Lock Manufacturers

At present, China is still a developing country, the lock manufacturer to medium and small enterprises, low-level redundant construction is very serious. To lock the development of enterprises, above all, from the product, quality and brand grab. Now lay Gold + base strength, with a certain amount of capital in order to better develop some high-end products. Meanwhile locks enterprises should intensify efforts to adjust product structure, market-oriented, looking for a starting point, vigorously carry out scientific and technological research, the formation of Own core technology and patents, through integrated innovation and the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation to accelerate the development of new products.

With the knowledge economy, the global economy, competitive factors and changes in the arrival of the information society, China lock industry is facing competition in international market crisis, up from the overall analysis, small and complete production company, with independent intellectual property rights and patents of high-tech less lock company, leading to unstable quality, inferior products flooding the market. Door handle supplier

China lock industry should have an organization with the overall objective of scientific and technological progress in order to improve the stability year after year, such as product mix, product quality, technology and equipment, innovation, personnel structure, etc. are indispensable. Lock is a necessity of life, is a household hardware, but it is also a class of security products, the development of the industry is good or bad, related to each of the family unit, safety in public places.

In an increasingly competitive international market promotion today, China is still no locks if the sense of innovation, do not stop before, is bound to be eliminated by the international market. Lock enterprises should actively adopt new materials, focusing on product design and arts Decorative art at the same time, and gradually the use of computer electronics, information, biometrics, nanomaterials and other advanced technology grafting traditional lock industry, efforts to develop the market prospects for new products, and a breakthrough in the use of performance. Such as residential High-grade mortise lock series, the series of car locks, lock series of civilian, security doorLock series, series of rolling code remote control, mechanical and electrical integration of high-grade smart IC card lock, TM card lock, shoot latch lock series, biometric locks series, can be in the process of reform, technological innovation, and gradually mature. China Locks Factory

Into the lock industry, the threshold is very low, generally 10 million yuan of funds to contact several plants, then told on several streets of the work can be carried out. And such small-scale production of the product can only belong to middle and low. Caused by pathogenic locks, most of them because of "raw materials into" small businesses do not have raw materialsInspection department, there is no finished product testing equipment, in order to save costs or business deliberately not censorship. These have caused a lock product quality sampling failure risks.