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China fingerprint five brand new ranking

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-09

    Article 1: 800 (affiliated Babai)

    Brand Experts: 800 ranked first reason lies in the United States to occupy the technical resources of the country's most high-tech products, China has become synonymous with high-end fingerprint lock; and, to "Rise of locks" as the brand mission, through technical innovation and constantly to provide users with the best quality products, naturally fingerprint industry's most brand value of the brand. Door handle supplier

    Chapter 2: Adel (affiliated ADEL)

    Brand Experts: Adel as a "lock experts", the transition now to "fingerprint experts", with a strong campaign, Adel get a good momentum of development. However, to build the industrial chain, resulting in product lines continue to extend, for a long time will affect the development of brand value. Adel need to do is shrink the product line, focus on the good aspects of the brand.

    Chapter 3: Irevo (affiliated Yi Bao)

    Brand Experts: Irevo mainly through institution building brand image of Korea, South Korea to showcase digital lock to convey the concept of security and technology products. Door handle supplier

    Chapter 4: Ksmak (belonging refers to the code)

    Brand Experts: Ksmak well by means of the "Olympic fingerprint supplier", "fingerprint top ten brands" and so open up the market, but the brand positioning is not clear, the need to examine the growth of the brand space, otherwise it will affect the brand long-term development .

    Chapter 5: Mul-T-Lock (affiliated mode Emperor music)

    Brand Experts: Mul-T-Lock emphasizing the combination of modern science and technology and modern machinery fingerprint technology, to create a new high-performance security products, anti-theft security as a concept targeting. Door hardware manufacturer