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China's private enterprises lock the main force in the development of the industry

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-29

At present, although China is the world's largest metal producing countries, but the high-precision, high-efficiency products is not a lot of low-level, low value-added phenomenon is widespread, brand marketing is also seriously lagging behind. Gold mold electrical network chief brand official Luo Baihui pointed out that hardware locks in order to improve competitiveness, we must expand sales channels, the development of high-end products. Door lock manufacturer

The current threshold of the lock industry is relatively low, metal lock patent protection awareness is weak. Even the hardware lock enterprises have an advanced patented technology, but then the hardware lock market will appear similar products. The current environment of the hardware lock threshold led to the hardware lock market confusion. The lock market infringing events will occur from time to time. And hardware lock market lack of brand awareness, the hardware market can be seen everywhere, a brand, no brand, in short, is quite a mixed bag.

Although the door and hardware locks are real estate downstream industries, but from the market supply and demand, the hardware lock enterprises are subordinate to the door enterprises. After 10 years of development, the door of the strength of enterprises in the enhanced at the same time, its channels are constantly changing, so the demand for hardware locks are imperceptibly changed. So the traditional hardware lock channel already can not meet the demand for door enterprises. Therefore, the current hardware lock enterprises should not stay in the needs of previous years on the level of the market today, there must be advancing with the times, to meet the needs of market awareness, read the door enterprises to grasp the door market demand. So as to seize the opportunity to enhance sales and expand market share. Therefore, cooperation with the door is very important.

Most of the lock for the marketing brand marketing and channel construction awareness is lagging behind, marketing team building is lagging behind. Therefore, lock enterprises should change the existing channel base, increase the regional marketing team of human input, and actively explore new channels, focusing on brand promotion, strive for balanced development in the national market. Door handle suppliers

Lock enterprises focus is often a domestic and second-tier door enterprises, the development of many enterprises in the door is dismissive, the lack of foster the market forward-looking. Panjin and northeast through several other small and medium enterprises survey found that the monthly sales of small businesses, so the demand for locks is not large. Most of the door rate boss said that when we seek to OEM cooperation with the lock, the majority of lock enterprises to lock the number of less demand, open abrasiveCost is relatively high and other factors politely refused. In recent years, with the rapid development of the real estate industry, people's living standards increased significantly, in line with market demand for consumer refined decoration units, one-stop shop, one-stop factory decoration popular, saving people time and To avoid the trouble of selection. Door hardware manufacturer

In recent years, China's private enterprises sudden emergence of a lock, become the main force in the development of the industry, Europe and the United States into the market, China's hardware lock industry will become the key to expanding marketing channels.