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Chinese color locksmith person

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-26
2014 The first car decoding technology exchange will be held a grand southwestern region in Chengdu, the number of people attending the meeting reached more than 600 people, the parties converge in the beautiful city of locksmith Tianfu, car decoding technology for fire Heat exchange and discussion. As a senior master auto decoding technology, it solves a problem and a locksmith at the meeting. Turned behind, sponsor of this conference is a little dark skin, wearing delicate glasses 80 guy, his name Jiao Wu Di, Wu Di Chengdu is the founder Lock Co., Ltd., now he is not only an outstanding locksmith, but also "Sophocles" brand manufacturers. He is the acknowledged star of the lock, his story Widely circulated in the industry. Door Lock Manufacturers
Di Wu, born in 1981 in Qitai County, Sichuan hometown lemon are - Anyue. In 2002, after graduating from the police academy, Wu Di relatives followed a study in Aba Maoxian civilian lock, which is the initial contact with Wu Di lock industry in the learning process, they showed more than ordinary talent, coupled with teacher Fu careful guidance and their own hard work the day after tomorrow, Wu Di quickly become familiar with this field, the saying goes, men fear into the wrong line, at this time, twenty-one Di Wu to establish their own ideals, to do a good lock craftsmen for everyone Locks solve problems. China Locks Factory
 Young people dream like a hot air balloon can fly when full of enthusiasm high, deflated easily fell from the sky.
Due to repeated requests of his family, Wu Di can not leave Aba. The insurance industry at that time was very meat and potatoes, Di Wu returned home after the lock down, start the insurance sales. Later in the sites, met Anti-lock Pa inventor Zhaohua Guo teacher because the battery lock master Zhao invention, anti-theft performance, many customers prefer to sell his locks. Wu Di, knowing there locksmith's dream, the master Zhao Di Wu encouraged to learn the coastal cities Xi car decoding technology, such as flood dream again Chung Wu Di in mind, a lot of times at night, but finally could not resist the idea of ​​his own heart to tell his family, I thought this time, the family went along, and Dad also spent more than eight thousand yuan Wu Di purchased a brand Haier computer, after the resignation Wu Di goodbye to family and colleagues, a man came to Hangzhou to learn auto decoding, when the decoder is in English, can not only self-related English Wen, nothing he liked to study, and later developed into a lot of decoder manufacturers prefer their products to do the test Wu Di, slowly, Wu Di, and many well-known manufacturers to establish a cooperative relationship. Door hardware manufacturer