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Chinese high-end hardware lock market growth of 20% per year

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-25

Not stolen property demand has become a push locks development of the core logic. Lock is synchronized with the private ownership is born, and its purpose is to protect its own property is not stolen. Choose three spring lock has more than 20 kinds of keys, turn cam lock in there more than 80 kinds of marble keylock number reaches more than 2,500 species, the improved pin tumbler keys to select up to 100 million. Obviously, locks of this period is based on the probability of being open to the stranger determined replacement level, three spring lock tumbler lock was eventually replaced. Door Manufacturers

The probability of this thing is very interesting, even if the probability of 100 parts per million, indicating that the key number 1,000,000, which eventually lock can be opened, indicating that the lock is only relative safety concept. As a result of this period the lock mechanism is referred to as a mechanical lock. China Locks Factory

Mechanical locks not really have a security lock, what what kind of identification technology is unique, in other words: only the owner of the lock to open it then? Fingerprint, iris unique highest probability. After several years of exploration, lock has begun sexually explicit. Fingerprint is a kind of human fingerprint to identify carriers and means of intelligent locks, it is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint generally consists of two parts, electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system. Fingerprint unique and can not be copied decided fingerprint lock is the most secure of all lock types.

Fingerprint in widely used in government, finance, insurance, villas and other high-end, secure application areas. It relies on biometric technology, using software programming way to combine high-precision arithmetic. Such locks are collectively referred to as smart lock, smart lock or biological. Door Hardware Manufacturers

In pursuit of the ultimate security lock industry in the process, there is a transitional product - Password Lock (or called: electronic card lock), commonly known as: electronic locks. It opens the lock mode by setting six password, or use the built-in IC card chip inductor open locks, or both.

However, in the specific use of the process, the password is easy to forget (or increase the level of thieves, they sprinkle the surface with a special substance password keyboard operation after the owner had a keyboard, will leave fingerprints on the keyboard, they are easy to steal The fingerprint password); appear latch easily lost cards and other issues, electronic locks been criticized in the current market.

Chinese high-end market lock currently more than 20% annual rate of growth, the future of space gratifying. And with the improvement of the industrial chain, the middle and lower reaches all the facilities killer concept fell out, people loving mind. Ultimately, the contradiction between spears and strong shield is the consumption of its basic procurement.