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Common locks five criteria introduced

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-07
   Electric locks and hardware selection process often exposed to different standards, the current commonly used standard is the European standard and American Standard, the world is currently in lock, there is a hardware aspect of the criteria are the following:

  · British Standard BS (BS5872-1982) the oldest;

  · European standard EN (PREN12529) inclusive;

  · American Standard ANSI (ANSI156.2-1999) complete;

  · Australian Standard AS (AS4145.2-1993) is the most stringent "barriers to trade";

  · Japanese standards JIS (JISA1510-1995) less stringent.

  European standard for the US as the subject of a one-way comparison.

  1, American National Standard: ANSI156.4, Underwriters Laboratories UL10C.

  · A standard open times: ≥200 million times;

  · Secondary standard open times: ≥100 million times;

  · Three standard open times: ≥50 million times.

  2, the European standard CE: EN1154 (Performance Test) and EN1634 (fire test), the number of open index: ≥50 million times. As can be seen from the above comparison, the United States and durability parameters of standard products is generally higher than the European standard product, which is currently on the market, American standard electric lock or hardware products more expensive reasons. Door handle supplier

  On a large commercial building, the number of gates may be thousands, or even thousands. How different parts, different requirements to select the optimal cost-door electric locks and hardware programs to ensure a long service life and minimal maintenance in the future, is a very complex, tedious work. Set of metal locks best overall solution should be the convenience, security and durability unity. China Locks Factory

  Selection principles

  In summary, the choice of intelligent building electric locks and hardware solutions, it is recommended to follow the following basic principles of selection:

  Place and importance used to be considered is the use in the door, the hall door, the room, bathroom or channel, in order to choose the right product the desired function;

  Use environment, conditions, asked to consider the merits of the situation of the environment, such as frequency of use, whether the fire doors, door structure, weight and thickness; door hardware manufacturer

  Consider health personnel often use, consider whether there are the elderly, children or people with disabilities;

  Consider coordination with the decor, coordination and support should consider their decor should be consistent;