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Common sense must know the hardware: door locks have shelf life

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-17

    Currently the market is divided into the lock cylinder class A, class B, super B grade several. "Consumers can count the number of marbles row to identify the cylinder is good or bad. In general, multi-row pin tumbler tumbler lock is better than single-row, multi-row Stealth tumbler lock is better than ordinary multi-row tumbler lock. "Experts told the editors, B level cylinder cost is much higher than A-level cylinder, therefore, the market most of the locks brand launched products are A-level locking." DoorIf only one key row marbles, the basic is the A grade cylinder. If you do not feel safe, can be replaced with a Class B or Class B super-cylinder, improve the overall performance of anti-theft security door. "

Material work is also very important

"In addition to the lock cylinder, hardware accessories of good or bad quality is also critical." Experts told the editors, locks generally made of aluminum alloy, Stainless steel and copper, in which the strength and durability of aluminum worst, the best copper, but the price is higher. "The same is the brass locks, workmanship and quality is also a great difference between the various brands, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish." This Salesperson said that consumers want to buy, "assured lock", the only way is to compare the big brand locks workmanship is very fine, seamless, low-end locks work will be very rough. In addition, good locks in Most of the open sound is very crisp, low-end lock when the key is inserted will become more loose, the open voice is mostly boring. Door Lock Manufacturers

Lock every five years "for heart"

"The average life of a long lock, the lock will naturally wear, can easily be tooth like a key to open." Close to a lock with old master key that locks in common use after five or six years, must be replaced a cylinder.

Edit reminder owners, many residential security doors and locks are unified purchased by real estate developers, installation, and most are not particularly good quality lock. "In the same cell to use large quantities of the same type Door number, in theory, the emergence of "a lock to open a few doors," the situation will increase the chance. Many new tenants reflect the cell, it is often the wrong unit, open the door only to find the situation is not their home. "Edit reminder Friends, if not long-term replacement of the lock cylinder, will produce more serious security risks. Door handle supplier

General long life of the lock, the lock will naturally wear, can easily be opened by the key tooth similar. If the long-term replacement of the lock cylinder, will produce more serious security risks, most likely a lock to open the door a few cases there, so we must ensure the quality of hardware locks accessories, to avoid unnecessary trouble. Door hardware manufacturer