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Development of analytical fingerprint

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-26

    Fingerprint definition and composition

        Fingerprint refers to the direct use of fingerprints as an input signal, the identification, treatment-related information to control mechanical actuators embodiment opens and closes the locks. Mainly consists of the following two parts: the door handle supplier

        Fingerprint identification and control part: fingerprint scanner, the operation control means and an input / output circuit.

        Lock body and housing parts: the mechanical lock body and the housing, handle and other components.

        Fingerprint feature

        Fingerprint features are: fingerprint logon, fingerprint deletion, information storage, usage rights management, alarm, emergency unlock. In addition, many manufacturers also add some additional features such as integrated doorbell, voice prompts, networking, Phone alarm, etc., high-performance fingerprint lock comes with LCD display and other interactive systems, a higher level of intelligence, a guiding operation, inquiries open records and built-in parameter setting status and other functions. China Locks Factory

        Technical Parameters

        Fingerprint technology parameters include fingerprint capacity, light resolution, contrast verification time, FRR, False Accept Rate recognition angle, operating voltage, operating environment.

        1. The maximum amount of storage capacity fingerprint sensor fingerprint can be registered fingerprint.

        2. The light-sensitive optical fingerprint head Accuracy Resolution read the fingerprint image, in theory, the higher the resolution the better. At present light-sensitive fingerprint sensor resolution is generally 500DPI (dots per inch).

        3. Verify that the comparison time is called time matching, fingerprint from the beginning, to give time difference between the results of fingerprint matching.

        4. FRR same finger were collected fingerprint image, making a 1: 1 match is determined not the same finger proportion, expressed as a percentage.

        5. False Accept Rate different finger fingerprint images were collected, making a 1: 1 match is determined as the proportion of the same finger, expressed as a percentage.

        6. Identification angle fingerprint, finger on the fingerprint head allowed angle.

        Voltage voltage required during normal operation 7. work. Currently on the market mainly in fingerprint-based battery-powered, rated voltage of 6V (generally use 4 AA alkaline batteries). In addition, according to industry standards, lock should backup power. To solve the problem of standby power, the manufacturers in product design, the lock housing increased emergency power interface device, available 9V laminated battery or other external power supply equivalent.

        8. Work environment may include mechanical environment and climate, commonly referred to as the climate. Including low temperature, high temperature, constant heat three, is a measure of the external fingerprint climate adaptability. Door hardware manufacturer

        Fingerprint Prospects

        Fingerprint recognition technology, fingerprint lock carrier is applied to real life reflected. Because of its convenience, safety, fashion and other unique features gradually emerge in the hardware lock.

        At present, most fingerprint lock manufacturers are gathered in the project, the popularity of the civilian market is just the beginning, I believe that it has like a traditional mechanical locks civilian retail market as a large space.