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Domestic hardware lock industry than foreign development

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-21

Today, technology is developing so fast, if only the traditional mechanical lock has been unable to protect people's property security. The demand for new locks and requirements is getting higher and higher, but the hardware lock market demand is more and more diversified, but also requires a higher quality and technical content requirements.Door lock manufacturer

On the use of the current distribution of the market, the hardware locks are mainly distributed in the coastal cities along the developed areas, and product categories, the more detailed share, like a padlock, Spherical locks and so occupy a larger market space, while the bicycle lockSuch as these special-purpose lock with the development of upstream products, is undergoing varying degrees of change. Like some hi-tech smart locks or fingerprint locksAnd so is the necessities of social life.Door handle suppliers

China's hardware locks after 30 years of development, has formed a relatively large-scale industry, product coverage has also been widened, enterprises have launched their own brands, and doing more and more, which makes the overall competitiveness of the upgrade. At present, China's lock industry with annual sales of more than 40 billion, while the output is more than 100 million. And also presents a rising trend.Door Hardware manufacturers

     Although China's hardware locksHas been in constant development, and get good results, but if compared with some developed countries, is still in the low end of the state.

Want to keep pace with the locks of developed countries, it must have to improve their international competitiveness. Generally from these aspects: seize the opportunity to market as a guide to optimize the product structure, the first to seize the high-end lock market, the door locks and commercial locks as the focus of development, and international standards.