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Door and window hardware in the role of energy-saving building was valued

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-27

Door and window curtain wall industry boom on its related industries flourish development has played an important supporting role, at the same time, also made a great contribution to building energy efficiency.

In building energy efficiency, the role of doors and windows should not be overlooked, and high-quality doors and windows hardware doors and windows were provided for the protection of high quality, therefore, doors and windows hardware in the role of building energy efficiency is gradually being valued. Door lock manufacturers

Building experts believe that whether a building energy-saving, whether in the building's life cycle to maximize the conservation of resources, including energy saving, land, water and materials, whether to protect the environment and reduce pollution, whether For people to provide a healthy and efficient use of space, whether it is natural harmony and symbiotic buildings. Therefore, building experts need to study the various sub-areas of the problem, doors and windows as the building envelope, its energy-saving performance of a direct impact on building energy efficiency, and doors and windows hardware as an annex to the doors and windows, doors and windows to provide support, it The advantages and disadvantages of a direct impact on the energy-saving effect of doors and windows, therefore, high-quality doors and windows in the building energy-saving hardware plays an important role.

In the past few decades, however, events due to poor window quality have frequently occurred. Such as a city within a small area of ​​the floor window glass burst into a spider web and tilt to the outside of the room, the middle of the window to form a large irregular hole, gently touch will drop a number of pieces of glass. The window below the main channel of the district, next to a swimming pool, the incident, there are many people are swimming in the pool. Another example of an office in Shenzhen, a steel window fell from the sky, just hit pedestrians, Ms Chow, her neck artery was smashed through, unconscious on the spot. These painful cases fully illustrate the quality of doors, windows and doors and windows hardware is essential. Door handle suppliers

Because of the functional requirements of the building, structural form, space size, building facade design style and other reasons, building doors and windows have a variety of open forms, such as the flat open, outside the flat open, the open hanging, Hanging and so on more than 10 kinds of open form, leaving the building with a variety of doors and windows open the key to the various forms of the structure of the doors and windows hardware.

The opening and closing of doors and windows, the flexibility of the operation, the ease of operation, the size of the operating force, mainly depends on the door and window hardware design, material selection, processing, assembly process and assembly quality. Building windows and doors Must be able to open, close, to achieve ventilation, ventilation, insulation, insulation, sound insulation, weather and other functions, therefore, requires building windows and doors in a certain wind and wind and rain weather conditions, but also with wind pressure performance , And building doors and windows closed to achieve the function of locking components is the doors and windows hardware, such as doors and windows in the open to withstand positive pressure, outside the doors and windows in the negative pressure to bear the wind, doors and windows to withstand the wind load completely passed to the hardware, Hardware will be transmitted to the wind load on the door and window frames and building structures, so that the doors and windows hardware is the impact of building windows and doors of the main features of wind pressure performance components.

Door and window hardware and building doors and windows, fan profiles with the installation and installation of links to achieve the door and window fan opening, closing and locking function, doors and windows hardware and architectural door window frames, fan insulation and structure of the scientific nature, will directly affect the building Doors and windows of the thermal insulation energy-saving effect, so do energy-saving architectural doors and windows design, we must focus on doors and windows hardware and architectural door window frames, fan profiles with the installation structure. Door hardware manufacturer

Door and window hardware selection, design structure and resistance to fatigue directly determines the durability of the use of building windows and doors, that is, doors and windows will affect the architectural doors and windows throughout the design life of the use of cost and resources to effectively use and save.

Door and window hardware on the overall performance of the building have a higher demand under the premise, especially for energy conservation, reduce energy consumption requirements, and constantly develop and improve the new doors and windows hardware system to improve the overall performance of modern doors and windows overall. Door and window hardware will open doors and windows of the fan and organically combined, can improve the overall building doors and windows wind pressure performance, air tight performance and watertight performance, which greatly reduces the relative deformation of the door window frames and fans, effectively Improve the sealing performance of doors and windows, so as to achieve the best energy-saving effect.

In the specific design, in order to improve the door and window in the long-term use of the hardware wear and tear caused by the door and window frame fan relative position changes in the design of the door and window hardware load-bearing components have relative position structure adjustment function. In short, the doors and windows to choose a reasonable hardware, materials, functional, reasonable structure, the use of reliable, long life, with the appropriate profiles with the doors and windows to produce excellent performance, good sealing performance, security and practical building windows and doors, Falling people's events no longer occur, so that windows and doors more energy efficient.