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Door lock suddenly open how to do?

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-19

     Life, it is inevitable there will be some accidents led to the door was violently shut, such as the sudden gust of wind blowing off and so on, these violent closures are likely to lead to speaker latch oblique tongue easy to remove hook failure, or door distortion or lock Tongue fixed screw bulge, etc., resulting in door locks and do not open the door frame, if the door does not open the phenomenon of how to do it? Xiao Bian remind you first find out which is the cause of the door lock in the end. Door lock manufacturer

        Suddenly opened the door lock and the reasons for the solution:

        1, if your home is a speaker lock, resulting in the door suddenly opened up is likely to lock the tongue out of her hook and fault, then you can lock the screw down to repair the lock, or re-lock, etc. , Etc., will be able to open the door lock. Door handle suppliers

        2, if it is an auxiliary lock, (mostly installed in the iron gate, the door of the copper) is the tongue or handle the tongue tightening screws loose protrusion, jammed door frame open. Then you can find a flat screwdriver, protruding from the door to the screw, back in the back positioning.

        3, if the lock is stuck with foreign objects, the handle or key is difficult to twist, if the door is open, you can force the door to pull; if the door is open, you can force the door to push, this can reduce the card force , And easily twist the door.

        Of course, in order to ensure that the use of home locks in the use of performance can be sustained, and therefore require people to be careful in the course of maintenance, to develop good habits, as far as possible not to unintentional violence closed, so there will not be the door Lock suddenly opened up the phenomenon! Door hardware manufacturer