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Door seal and lock installation methods

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-29
When the doors of the installation process we want to focus on two areas, one is sealed, is a lock, they are installed directly influences the doorthe quality of. Today, the doors doors small as we described seal installation method and the doors lock installation method, hope to help everyone. Door Lock Manufacturers

First, the door seal installation methods and points

The main role of the doors sealing strip is soundproof shockproof, allows us to decrease noise when the door switch, indoor security personnel will not be affected. In addition, it can achieve a thermal insulation effect by isolating indoor and outdoor air. China lock factory door seal installation specific methods are as follows:

a, self-adhesive door seal installation

Self-adhesive sealing strip on the back there is a double-sided adhesive, as long as we direct it with tape stuck together on it. In general the effective thickness of the sealing strip should be between 3mm to 4mm, Xiao Bian here to remind everyone in the paste should be blocked door handle clean lines, after such construction was not falling. Installation also try not to pull hard seals, as this would make it lose elasticity.

b, mosaic door seal installation

Mosaic also called slot type. The slot has a width of more common 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm, which is due to the slotting tool manufacturers use different caused. Wooden slot normally 3mm, seal cards generally take a minimum of 3.8mm of sites that we should choose the appropriate width of the seal during installation, it should be noted after the embedded slot must be set aside about 15mm. Door handle supplier

Second, the doors lock installation steps and points.

1) Confirm leaf paint dry. When the doors lock installation must be sure that the door has been painted and completely dry. Because some of the paint on the locks harmful.

2) Confirm lock mounting height. Door height is generally one meter off the ground, this is the most suitable installation location.

3) opening. After determining the position we can come up with a tool hole, directly after the lock installation. We must check whether the use of locks smooth, if not smooth to timely commissioning.

4) confirm the opening and closing doors and locks in the same direction. If you engage in counter direction, doors and locks do not work properly.