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Doors and window hardware accessories decide the delicate art of

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-26

Our doors and windowsAnd hardware accessories business number, but the vast majority of small-scale, low concentration, outdated, is still a small workshop in the form of production enterprises. The concept is difficult to form the system, it needs to be resolved. Door Manufacturers

At present, China's urgent need to improve the performance of windows and doors and the production process as soon as possible with international practice. This need to improve as soon as the doors and windows hardware accessories technical level, the need to raise awareness on the concept of the hearts of the metal parts of the supporting position increased to an important position should be as soon as possible. The only way to really improve the performance and functionality of doors and windows. Door handle supplier

The real technology and supporting systems engineering doors

Window hardware accessories are both static and dynamic effects exist, and must be met, which essentially has decided to fine the doors and windows of the technology. Door hardware manufacturer

In many exhibition we see a lot of well-known companies in the windows and doors, looks pretty good, electrophoresis aluminum, even fluorocarbon spraying of aluminum with insulating glass, colorful, diverse styles, but not open and flexible, shaking big, irrational allocation . This is not pay attention to the results of hardware.

? So the real window hardware accessories should have what kind of features it in addition to meeting the physical properties, mechanical properties of windows and doors, but also meet the following criteria:

One is easy to operate, single point of control, by changing the position of the handle and the handle is turned to achieve a variety of functions; the second is standardization and serialization, so that doors and windows can be quick installation and construction companies; the third is scalability; Fourth loading capacity strong; Fifth safe; sixth is widely used; seven is the applicability of strong, high-quality specifications.

High-end doors and windows hardware windows and doors in order to ensure good, basic use of precision molds, high degree of automation of the manufacturing process, in conformity with the material strength, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, high-quality engineering plastics. There are some plants for the sake of cheap, plain carbon steel to produce, the results did not a few months, they begin to rust. Moreover, as only one interest, free to change the materials and configurations for doors and windows left a serious security risk.

When high-precision metal parts and precision profiles joined together, it is not necessarily a good doors and windows. Good good profiles and hardware accessories grouped together to make great efforts to carry out the company door systems engineering design and production, and, in particular, coordination and cooperation with the various parties concerned hardware accessories in order to get.

Many times, we often heard people complain that the doors and windows so inflexible, just blame hardware accessories. But it ignores other issues, such as tape, quality profiles, notch accuracy (eg notch size should be the size of the surface treatment), Corner of machining precision.

Quality doors and windows is a series of comprehensive quality assurance system to decide, make sure to pay attention to the doors and windows every aspect of a production system engineering, in particular, changes to the metal parts of the contempt fundamentally.

Window hardware accessories in Western countries are capital and technology-intensive industries, while China is widespread lack of funds, technology is weak case, which is still labor-intensive industries.

Metal doors and windows of the gap with the developed countries is narrowing. With the improvement of people's living conditions, door and window hardware requirements will become increasingly large, and to the development of gentrification. Doors and hardware development of broad, people continue to pursue higher character, higher quality windows and doors, which gives the development of hardware provides endless imagination. We only follow the direction of the market, design and development of production of high-quality, high-grade hardware to the doors and windows industry into a another peak.