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Dry full: family locks the purchase and installation techniques

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-08-11

First, the lock types:

By end-use can be divided into: door locks, bathroom locks, interior locks and channel locks.

According to the difference between the shape can be divided into: Spherical lock and handle locks.Door Lock Manufacturers


Second, lock material:

1. Stainless steel: high strength, corrosion resistance, shiny bright, not faded rust, expensive;

2. Die Casting Copper: affordable, density is good, solid, rust-proof;

3. zinc alloy: rust strength and relatively poor, it is easy to break.

Third, buy Note:

1. Appearance clear, smooth, full of all component parts;

2. Copper lock color darker feel heavy, copper locks open sound boring, very crisp stainless steel lock;China Locks Factory

3. Turn the direction should be consistent with the house, easy to switch;

4. The frame width is less than90mmCan not be installed, the width of 90mm ~ 100mm, to be elected spherical locking bolt of 60mm. Width of 100mm or more, and an optional large door that is the 70mm bolt;

5. Copper core sub-cylinder and a plastic core, good quality copper core, plastic core for wet and security is not a high place;

6. Turn rotating flexible, with a key several times repeated mating keyhole examination flexibility.Door hardware manufacturer

Fourth, the lock installation:

1. At the invitation of an experienced carpenter or master lock has a certain knowledge to install. And according to the product specification given distance model openings, cutting support nest box locking plate and pin buckle holes to prepare before installation. Note: can not be installed on the humidity of the wood frame door, to prevent corrosion.