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Fingerprint Security Introduction

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-09
1. In accordance with anti-theft performance division, is divided into ordinary popular fingerprint and fingerprint security fingerprint lock types. Ordinary lock, not much difference with the original electronic locks, mainly use fingerprint authentication, but nowhere for existing domestic security doors, without this kind of fingerprint lock rod hook member heaven, heaven and earth can not use the security door security systems (on the market some import fingerprint does not meet national industry standards, can only be used for doors). Door Lock Manufacturers
2. fingerprint security lock, Fingerprint security you can say it's better security, can be applied to the standard anti-theft doors and wooden doors. Such can lock security door lock system with a world of automatic or semi-automatic link, will not affect the performance of the original anti-theft door. Door handle supplier
3. Different anti-theft performance, market prices are also different. Mechanical anti-theft feature fingerprint lock price is significantly higher than the world no ordinary fingerprint anti-theft function. Thus, the consumer in the purchase of lock, the first based on your door to choose the appropriate lock. When the fingerprint is generally used according to the requirements of use
4. different selection of different lock, the lower should be used in anti-theft lock, this door requirements for household use, without modification, and maintenance easy. Engineering Fingerprint general bulk purchases, can claim the same directional door factory Providing support in line with the installation of doors, so there is no conversion problems, but subsequent maintenance or replacement of general anti-theft locks, there will be some trouble, the situation does not match the new lock will exist. Usually distinguish Fingerprint Fingerprint engineering Fingerprint is the most direct way home is the next gatekeeper cabinet bolt lock body rectangular edge strips (guide plate) whether the length and width 24X240mm (the main one specification), a few 24X260mm, Distance 24X280mm, 30X240mm, the door handle to the center is generally about 60mm. It simply is not universal direct direct mounting hole on the general security doors. Door hardware manufacturer