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The solution to the fingerprint lock failure

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-23
A, LCD panel does not display or display an error:
1. Check the powerAnd the part of the connection.
2, contact the manufacturers technical staff. Door Lock Manufacturers
Second, the fingerprint lock can not log
1, sign another one fingerprints. Choose to use good quality finger (fold less afford to skin, clear fingerprint).
2, try to make contact with the finger logger larger area, try to press your fingers flat.
3, the fingers are too dry, the scanner can not detect a finger, you can use your fingers to wipe his forehead.
4, clean fingerprint acquisition window.
5, according to user login password. China Locks Factory
Fingerprint these failures solution is described above. Of course, in order to ensure the home of fingerprint locksLife of more long-term, more stable performance, the proposal is still strictly follow the requirements of the fingerprint may be used, to avoid the failure of some of the effects of its use! Door hardware manufacturer