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Fingerprint password lock home security practical?

  • Author:Root hardware
  • Release on :2016-10-08
    Frequent alarms  Forced obsessive-compulsive disorder

This reporter learned that intelligent security products, there are many unrecognized situation: the device can not adjust the sensitivity and alarm conditions, a slight sign of trouble, they frequently push the alarm notification to the APP, resulting in real alarm information is buried. Over time, not only forcing the obsessive-compulsive disorder, but also allow users to choose to ignore APP push notification, the product has become useless. Door lock manufacturer

Hui Tai Long, director of intelligent home Li Yu told reporters that the current market, most of the use of intelligent security scenarios are more single, fixed mode of work can not be changed, as set the "script" to sit back and wait for the ideal model of thief work. However, one foot high, the thief will not be willing to do "actor", a single model can easily be cracked, if not according to local conditions according to their own room scene custom security mode, security equipment function can only say yes Better than nothing. Door handle suppliers

Fingerprint password lock Selling point: has the duress alarm and so on defense function

In addition to infrared security and remote monitoring, the fingerprint password smart lock began to become the choice of ordinary people. Reporter from the Department of Tai Long, the top solid, elegant, Yale and many other hardware lock brand learned that the current market smart lock products mainly have password card lock, password, fingerprint lock several.

End of the fingerprint lock has a duress alarm, mobile phone unlock, unlock SMS notification home security features such as high security, the end of last year, the European sales of the first "Danalock" smart lock into China to fashion the image greatly reduces the smart lock threshold , The product in addition to smart phones remote control locks, but also with the traditional keys and a small keyboard, so that smart phones will not use the children and the elderly without smart phones can open and close the door lock. China Lock Factory

Reporters visited the market found that, as technology matures, the price of smart locks also significantly reduced. Ordinary specifications of the smart door security lock, for example, a luxury brand line of fingerprint locks, retail price of about 6,500 yuan, about 4,500 yuan after the break, while the low-end products priced at around 2,000 yuan, To about 1,500 yuan.

European smart lock first brand "Danalock" last year launched the BT125 smart lock price is only 1,700 yuan. It is understood that there are hundreds of dollars on the market and Taobao password lock sales.

Survey: mobile phone APP can be directly alarm to the owners

Last year, a lock master 5 seconds seconds to open the news of the lock to shock people. So, known as high-tech high security fingerprint password lock in the face of thieves can persist for how long? Reporters learned that the password lock and fingerprint lock anti-violence open are generally more than 6,000 Newton's national standards, anti-technology crack time can not be generalized.

If a thief attempts to open a smart lock, how does the smart lock react? Department of Tai Long Hardware Purchasing Guide Xu Songjing told reporters that if the encounter violent lock, the lock will automatically alarm, issued a harsh cry.

When a reporter asked whether the phone can connect the APP alarm or connected cell monitoring room, Purchasing Guide said that the current general can be connected to the mobile phone APP alarm to the owners know, you can also connect the camera to inform the district control room security. In the end is to inform the owners or to inform the security, technology is not a problem, to see the owners with the district consultation, usually we believe that the first time feedback to the owners of the efficiency and sense of responsibility to be higher than the first time feedback to the community security.

Password lock will be cracked? Experts: This is not easy

For high-end locks, consumers there are many doubts. For example, the lock will be cracked?

   Guangdong Province Lock Industry Association, the Secretary-General He Jianqiang told reporters that the break into the password lock crack and technical crack two kinds of violence, you want to crack is not easy. The Ministry of Public Security of the locks of violence to crack the strength and strength of national standards, and technology, the current password lock is generally wrong password 3 to 5 times will lock and alarm, to prevent foreign personnel try password cracking theft.

Yale Locks Jockey Club home store manager Zhang Jinsong told reporters that the current market, the password lock is divided into two levels of precise password lock and virtual password lock, precise password lock that must enter the exact 6 to 12-bit password to unlock. The high-end virtual password lock, you can set the shortest 6, the longest dozen passwords. For example, the correct password is 24,6855 lock, then enter the front of a bunch of random numbers, as long as the final input 246855, will be able to open the door.

So, the fingerprint lock can be copied fingerprints to open it? Zhang Jinsong told reporters that the fingerprint lock is also divided into several grades, a generation of fingerprint lock intelligent identification of the first layer of fingerprints, if the fingers swollen or too cold fingers frozen in winter, the fingerprint surface changes, fingerprint lock Can not identify and automatically lock, 15 minutes before unlocking again. Hui Tai Long, director of home intelligence division Li Yu told reporters that fingerprint technology is still the most widely used now, the safest security technology, and now the third generation of fingerprints using finger vein technology, finger vein recognition technology is the most stable and reliable, not Due to external factors arising from the identification error, but in terms of user experience speed, sensitivity and convenience than fingerprint lock.