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Five tips to promote window hardware successfully entered the rural market

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-23

First, the "Building the countryside" into marketing strategy.

With the popularity of new rural construction and urbanization construction, building materials will have a huge demand gap in rural areas is the last and largest piece of business opportunities in the building materials industry. Now marketing homogenization has to incandescence degree alone Or a product, "a fresh recruit" sales idea era eat days already written chapter in history. Waged now the market has entered the era of strategic victory, winning has become the consensus of the vast majority of enterprises in the strategic starting line. "build Materials to the countryside "is expected to boost the annual consumption of about 550 billion yuan, will be the doors and windowsEnterprises to develop three or four markets a great opportunity to also be ambitious ideals of a watershed doors enterprises bigger and stronger. Door Manufacturers

Second, broaden the product line, the corresponding development of new products.

Doors and windows line the company's existing product line mainly for medium-sized cities in the high-end market, but this does not become an important obstacle to enterprises for doors and windows line the rural market. Doors and windows business line should change the way of thinking from the inside, but from outside to inside ponder, to use their talents, research and development, equipment and other advantages, the development closer to the market demand for new products for the market demand for three or four lines market. Door handle supplier

Third, actively expand channels sink.

Channel is the product reaches the bridge into the hands of consumers. "Who have channels in the world." The company's existing line of window hardware channel layout is concentrated in cities, companies must open up the doors and windows line leading to three or four markets Channels. Doors and windows business line currently ideal two ways: one is three, four channels of direct investment; is a defined area, to encourage the development of regional distributors three or four lines. Direct investment companies invest human and material resources Larger, but the channel flat, easy to control and channel after construction, the contribution to sales growth will appear in the long term; to encourage the development of regional distribution, low cost, fast pre-sales growth, but difficult to control the implementation of difficult channels deep plowing, after Growth is difficult. Doors and windows should be adapted to local conditions.

Fourth, the rational design of brand architecture, brand avoid injury, the formation of brand synergy.

Corporate brand positioning line windows and doors in high-end products to develop the rural market brands in the top faces two key questions: First, the fear will bring high brand image damage, thankless task: one related to agricultural policy After completion, it would quit three or four lines market. Once the decision to compete in the rural market, would certainly have invested considerable material and financial resources, if suddenly withdrawn from the market after the end of the policy, this is also a huge waste Yan Heavy errors. Line doors and windows should be properly designed brand architecture, introduced for three or four lines market sub-brand, the formation of brand endorsement brand architecture. So can the full development of sub-brands of the brand personality to make it closer to three or four Line market, but also to avoid damage to the original brand, corporate brand together form a powerful force. Door hardware manufacturer

Fifth, strengthen the integration of brand promotion.

Three or four lines market price elasticity, but it does not mean that consumers will only pay attention to price, I do not care about the brand. In fact, three or four line market, consumer shopping irrational, they are more likely to follow suit later, even more than they Urban consumers about face. In the logic within their price, they are more willing to buy the brand, the brand is the life they dream of showing off. Doors and windows should be first-line brand cleverly integrate existing strengths to develop efficient dissemination Strategy. Limited to three or four lines market status quo media, outdoor and transit advertising effect will be better.