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From mechanical locks to evaluate access control system

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-20

     Access control system is a security system in a very common technique. Its techniques include: exploration, television, sound, feature recognition and a variety of locks, security doors, Linkage locking devices, access control system can be said to cover all elements of the security system. It is a large, integrated security systems indispensable part to be independently constituted range of practical security system. It is due to Access to the diversity of technology applications, improve function and wide adaptability, has become the focus of the direction of research and development of security technology, a variety of high-tech continuously used in access control systems. However, we are parsing the access control system When, or from the "mechanical lock" to start. This is so because a separate mechanical lock with a complex access control system may seem very different, but in fact it has the same basic elements.

Mechanical lock is the easiest, most complete access control system, it can be drawn from the analysis of many of the basic concepts and evaluation methods of access control systems. Access control system access control technology is an application of the method in the real world. Feature vectors, feature read (identification) device and a locking mechanism are the three basic elements of access control systems.

1. Feature vector is access control system for the flow of people, logistics, information flow management and control systems. Thus, the first system to be able to confirm their identity and determine their access (behavior) legitimacy. This would By giving them a way a sign of identity and authority, we call it: a feature vector, which contains some information that is characteristic of identity and permissions. Mechanical lock key is a feature vector "tooth" is the special Sign. In the access control system can use a lot of the characteristics of the carrier, such as: magnetic cards, optical cards, and currently the most common IC card (IC) and the like. These features should be used with the carrier holder (or things), But it does have identity with the holder, which means that the carrier features may be held by someone else (was) to use. To prevent this problem, can be multi-mode, i.e., two or more of the security feature vectors (depending on the system Claim). If you can choose from the holder itself having unique characteristics and stability, as expressed identifiable information, this problem would not exist. Of course, the features from "holders" who is called "bio Features ", nature is characterized by the carrier holder. Door Manufacturers

2. Reading means is characterized by carrier device information exchange. It is an appropriate way to read the strength of relevant information on the identity and permissions from the feature vectors in order to identify and determine the identity of the holder of its behavior (access request) legal Sex. Obviously, the reading device is characterized by features that match the carrier equipment, technical attributes of different carrier, reading device properties are also different. Card reading means is a magnetic-electric conversion device, a photoelectric reading means are photoelectric card In other devices, IC card reading means is an electronic data communication device. Mechanical lock reading device is the "cylinder", when the key is inserted into the lock cylinder, to confirm the holder's body by the lock with the key activities in the marbles toothed agreement Parts and permissions. Electronic reading device recognition process is: the read characteristic information into electronic data, and the data is then stored in the device memory are compared for authentication to confirm the identity and authority of this process Also known as "Feature Recognition." Reading means only some features Information reading function, but also has some characteristics of writing information to the vector function, this device is called "reader-writer", writing information to a process wherein the vector is corrected or the authorization system the holder until authorized. This feature vectors It can be modified and reused. Mechanical keylock can not be modified, it represents authority also can not be changed. Biological characteristics of the human can not be changed, but it has the authority can set the system to change.

3. Locking mechanism, access control system only with appropriate locking mechanism was practical. After reading device confirms the holder's identity and authority to make legal persons can smooth out, and effectively prevent the illegal person, please begging. Different forms of locking mechanism constitutes a variety of different access control systems, or access control technology to achieve a variety of applications. For example, subway toll system lever, parking car stop, to close out the self-service banking Notes means. If the door locking mechanism is a system of control is closing the door, it is the "access control" system. Access control system is a kind of lock mechanism locking mechanism when the lock cylinder with the key tooth coincide rotatable handle to close Press latch to open the door. Door handle supplier

Security access control systems include impact strength, resistance to both mechanical force destroyed, the performance is mainly determined by the locking mechanism of the system. Locking mechanism in addition to the access control system mechanical locks, but there are common electric locks, which is characterized by a variety of information is the main carrier card, opening and closing of the door is controlled by the electromagnetic force.

Through the above analysis of mechanical lock, to resolve the basic elements of access control system or access control system, we start with the following mechanical locks, described the main technical indicators evaluate access control systems: door hardware manufacturer

Volume key, a key to its high number of low-level and the number of teeth of each tooth determines the number of teeth that can be formed. This is the key size. For example: key consists of five teeth, each tooth has five stage (differential) of Mechanical lock, its key size is 55, the key card is the amount of information represented by the length of its characteristic data to the decision, such as 8-bit binary number represented features, its key size is 28. The greater the amount of key systems, the Department of The greater the capacity of the system, while higher security, because it is less likely the possibility of deciphering or imitation. If as a feature of each tooth (T), the difference between each feature may be considered as a high performance low order number of teeth (S), the amount of the system was the key TS. Information Cards can have a great amount of keys (by setting), the biological characteristics of the human is the great amount of keys. So is the high-security access control (access control) system the best choice.

Error rate and false rejection rate, often encounter situations and key lock is opened other key can not open the lock with a bad situation, especially for an old lock, which is the error rate and false rejection rate concept. Information and communication system (read) error is the cause of the above error, and the amount of low-key even more prone to this problem.

Security Security, the system includes two aspects, one mentioned above from being deciphered, the ability to be copied, and one anti-lock mechanical force undermine the ability of this system has a great relationship. Some countries dedicated to the development of the standards, known as standard mechanical lock anti-theft lock.

Friendly systems, access control systems and human-computer interface has two, one interface features interactive information, one door opening / locking process, the door system should be friendly, including reading features are not forced, out process smooth and safe. Some biometric access control systems and electronic control with such a friendly, but also to give reasons for widespread applications.