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Furniture Dealers How to attract and retain customers

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-20

Market downturn, which for furnitureDealers is a big challenge, survival of the fittest is the natural law of survival, although harsh but reasonable. This year is a more difficult year for the building materials market, dealers also occasionally meet up stores rent event, the high marketing costs, wholeFurnitureIndustry was in the doldrums atmosphere shrouded. Furniture Dealers Bankruptcy, then the dealer how to attract customers and maintain clients? Lock Lock Manufacturers

First, how to maintain customer

Site service obligation to do it in a market downturn, a customer is king, for all the furniture dealer, the customer into the store how much direct impact on sales, but in the current environment, self However, fewer and fewer customers into the store, customers are increasingly less, and customer behavior are also presented very personal characteristics, their pursuit of product design, quality, at the same time, transparency in the information on the Internet, the price of the operation Space getting smaller and smaller. In this case, as a distributor, we need to enhance the value of customer service, which includes the value of home decoration design, decoration training, product knowledge to explain and so on. Door handle supplier

Second, the promotion of innovation

Promotions more, the sword is also dangerous for the furniture dealers, furniture the customer resource category although no FMCG so much, so having a repeat consumer, but consumer spending high unit price, the more the customer decision cycle Long Rational Thought is relatively heavy, in this case, through the promotion of this sword, can gather more customers in the short term, by group pressure between the customer, so that customers in the moment under impulsive decision, as promote Depth of consumer promotional increasingly immunity, therefore, require dealers in the form of promotion of a certain degree of change, the development of consumer interest in the transfer of new promotions pin. Door hardware manufacturer

For furniture dealers, provide take home decoration design, decoration training, product knowledge and other services is a way to explain the dealer customer retention, but prior to maintain customers, dealers have to attract customers. When the promotion a good choice, but the usual promotional activities, often may not be able to achieve the expected business results, so the new promotion is undoubtedly a good choice.