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Hardware locks enterprises gradually reduce profits

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-15

Hardware business after several years of rapid development, not only this year but he did not usher in the spring but was questioned consumers, market competition is growing, revenue gradually decline, the reasons for all this?Door Manufacturers

1, did not foster the professional market. Generally, consumers buy hardware products are just in the vicinity of a grocery store or supermarket for daily use will be resolved, is so, due to the hardware industry did not cultivate the professional market, and the traditional hardware distribution center is also a lack of systematic marketing strategy and related protection of the region, not to mention a stable price system. If professional hardware market, there will be a strong market surveillance, consumer purchasing centripetal force can be formed, but also a good market order.

2, the lack of a comprehensive brand power. After a closer look difficult to find, the flow of metal products on the market today, rough, single, old-fashioned style, lack of brand protection, these serious loss of consumer trust in the product, and consumers in the purchase of hardware products, precisely for brand is very important, it can be said is the primary demand to buy the product, the brand integrated force difference undoubtedly restricted the overall development of the hardware industry.

3, foreign snatch market. China's hardware products, especially the mold industry is mostly in small workshop mode of production, lack of professionalism and exquisite production, while foreign mold enterprises are small and specialized, small but excellent, which for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market opened the channel.Doorknob supplier

4, raw material prices, profit margins decreased. Immediately downstream materials hardware products for steel, and steel prices have continued to rise. Then bathroom hardware, for example, produce a faucet largest raw material costs, currently mainly to brass faucet based, while the price of copper was 38,000 yuan / ton, according to mine million network to understand the cost of the total cost of production of raw materials more than 70% gross margin calculated in accordance with 30% domestic sales, the cost of a faucet had reached 200 yuan.China Locks Factory

Five-year plan has come, some experts predict that China's mold industry or market share will reach 300 billion yuan, what hardware industry can usher in the spring of their own policy stimulus, we wait and see.