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Key broke off in the car, how to quickly solve

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-15

When the key lock broken car keys, metal tip of the locking action is proposed. If the lock is locked when the key is broken, it can not be opened. Use these tips to find out how to remove the key from the lock broken car. Cognex hardware of MorimasterSometimes referred to focus, solve problems quickly in order to make most decisions. Door Lock Manufacturers

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1Remove the key head. If the lock is not completely broken, key head back and forth to work, until it is completely off, the key part of the lock. Discard the lock. Door handle supplier

2The lock key to clear. If a key is inserted in the lock position and the operating position of rotation between the thumb or a small hard object inserted into the rotation lock position.

3Clear lock car key to clear the area. Remove any loose debris, cloth or paper from the area.

4Lubricating locks. Send a spray liquid or powder lock lubricant. Work using a sufficient amount of lubricant every angle lock key way spray.

5Select a lock removal tool. Lock Removal Tool are readily available hardware and auto parts stores. If the tool is not available, use a homemade alternative.

Select a tool that is sufficiently narrow, latch key way, which is straight on the lock extends downwardly from the open their own key. The tool must have1Or more will be inserted into the end of the lock hook.

Tool of choice, there are sharp hook or hooks. Hooks must extend key to enable them to engage in critical teeth. The hook should be tilted back toward the outer lock opening, so that they can be used to pull serration on the back button without sliding off.

6Insert key removal tool. This tool is gently inserted into the lock key ways. Close hook or a hook sideways, and insert the tool, so they do not catch up with the process of inserting the key to the teeth. Gently shake, if necessary, to allow full insertion tool tools.

7Mainly engaged in the removal tool. Rotation, so hook or a hook tool toward the key. Slowly, gently pull the tool back, shaking the tool, if necessary, to engage key one or more teeth.

8Key removal tool to pull you slow and steady. If the key is not out of the tool, a hook or hooks missed teeth. If this happens, re-insert the key removal tool, and in the second attempt of the tool.

9Remove the key. When enough of the key has been locked out, allowing it to use your fingers or a fine forceps grab, pull and keys removal tool out together. Discard broken key.

  Concluded: Cognex hardware MoriOfficial told us, once the key is to seize the key with your fingers or with a fine forceps, be sure to pull straight as possible. The key to any anti-party pressure was revoked, and may even lead to a breakthrough in the key again. China Locks Factory