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Heavy! "China locks and household hardware mute White Paper" released!

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-09-02
China National Hardware Association Portland stone monk speech

China National Hardware Association executive director Zhang Li attended the event

  China National Hardware Association, Blue Monk Shi believes that the door release "Chinese locks and household hardware Mute White Paper" category and again to promote the technological upgrading of the industry, product innovation, and guide consumption, leading the market to play an active Role in promoting. I want to plan door locks mute opportunity and by the State Council recently issued by the conference, to carry forward the spirit of artisans, to continue its efforts in increasing variety, to mention quality, a brand, to provide the market demand Demand of more humane ancillary products, and the manufacturing sector in China 2025 national planning objectives and the supply and demand side of the recently proposed reform. Door Lock Manufacturers

Release ceremony

     "Quiet on the door locks and hardware focus, help mute the door at the technical level to win the world's leading position." National Federation of Furniture Industry Association Executive President and Secretary General Zhang Chuanxi said that in the hardware industry locks, door locks mute the pioneers and explorers, are also mute explore strategic positioning focus and practitioners.
    Sina home country general manager and chief editor Mr Wei Xiaofei, said the face of a noisy world, we need a quiet, very pleased that we can work together Sina team issued "China locks and household hardware mute White Paper" and the door. Finally there are companies, industry will have to stand up, willing to "quiet" talk this thing, this thing is to promote the development of standards, which is an industry should do today, as China's domestic industry first media platform Sina home Habitat, that is what we must do. Door handle supplier
    Chen Li, chairman and general manager of the door locks mute, said: "The real luxury, true nobility is to pay attention to the inner life, is a manifestation of the internal hardware features with luxury consumption upgrade, we need more investment. Research and development to focus on humanistic needs of consumers. In muted white paper we explore the idea of ​​product planning and business and industry to share, hope can quickly push the mute category technological upgrading and rapid development of the industry, and then mention L industry value position in the home industry chain. "
    According to reports, as the Chinese leader mute locks, door locks mute in the White Paper on the future direction of consumer upgrades thinking, full disclosure of the technical standards mute locks and hardware products, product planning and technical thinking Way to quickly push category and technological upgrading of the industry, to meet the future needs of industry upgrading, and thus enhance the value of the position in the industry home industry chain, to create the industry worldwide mute champion. Door hardware manufacturer

    Guests attending the conference leadership