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High-end locks criteria

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-23

      The rapid development in technology today, some businesses on the cylinder security level speculation has gone beyond the user's understanding. They do not lock level scientific understanding of scientific method instead, let the user know what to do. because Here, the user cylinder universal common sense, giving the user full autonomy, it becomes more and more important. A cylinder what is good? The following eight indicators, will help consumers to find out the various organs of the cylinder behind the rankings. Door Lock Manufacturers

Indicators: good material to create good quality

The quality of the lock cylinder and the quality is closely related to material, preferably selected from nickel alloy or stainless steel material of the keys, marbles, page piece cylinder, copper, iron materials are difficult to make a good cylinder. Door handle supplier

Nail timber is very important, we need a certain hardness and toughness, resistance to wear off. Nail preferable to stainless steel or nickel alloys, such as copper wire, wire, aluminum only, plastic texture theft protection on the poor. Anti-drill bolt, preventing - Drilling hardness is higher, the key material is also more attention, at least wear resistance to breaking. In addition, advanced cylinder are made of nickel (16%), manganese (2%) made of alloy, copper, iron, aluminum alloy cylinder made of precision Degree there is the problem of insufficient precision.

Nickel alloy materials key Tooth clear, clear water chestnut, wear is a prerequisite for high precision cylinder, the higher the quality of this cylinder. In the domestic high-end brands multicolored locks, intelligent lock, represented by walnut, which cylinder is to use a nickel alloy material, holes, slots and smooth clear, the depth of irregularities evident from the appearance of one can be judged good or bad quality. China Locks Factory

Indicator two: Multiple hybrid structure

In the highly complex modern Locks, cylinder lock structure is an important technique to prevent side. With technological development, malicious "locksmith" mastered the single structure higher than before the era of lock technology, because This upgrade cylinder structure becomes inevitable. Generally believed that double or even multiple composite structure is superior to a single structure. Page sheet anti-lock technology to open a good performance, but the vandal is unsatisfactory, the precision workmanship It is also a problem. The ball lock beads, letter beads especially in vandal lock structure and technology to open a greater advantage, but in the structure of natural vulnerable to unlock a new generation of tools.

It is worth noting that some technical some innovative products (such as multicolored cylinder) response is, the two mixed with a variety of structures and even to create multiple complex structures, both to avoid the ills of a single structure, and Can maximize the advantages of each structure, to achieve "1 + 1 & gt; 2" ideal paradigm. Picture lacoste live finger structure + structure + Falcon for structural rationality, colorful mixed cylinder structure appearing on the market at present Structured products in the most ideal.