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Home life is an inevitable trend towards intelligent

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-24

With the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other emerging technologies have entered the smart home industry, public companies have formed their own special products, prices gradually move to the civilian population trend. From wired to wireless, from application to implement the concept of speculation, intelligent home after ten years of development, and finally to achieve a qualitative leap. Door Lock Manufacturers

In addition, the appliance industry has also set off a wave of intelligent, industry giants have competed to launch a wide range of smart appliances. Currently home appliances in smart white products, has been completed the smart refrigerator, air conditioning technology platform to build intelligent.

Through cloud computing, the family will become an open cloud platform, mobile phones, tablet computers, personal computers and other terminals are able to share information in real-time, lock the focus, to meet customer needs on security, comfort and even social aspects. Cloud computing will allow more powerful smart home. Door handle supplier

Combining digital intercom and smart home is also a big inevitable trend of the market. Intercom digital intercom system bottleneck in the development of open fundamentally makes it possible to bind the smart home. And combined with the intelligent home intercom systems and intercom systems further enhance the value-added space, and cost-effective system has also been improved, so that the application of the new system is more extensive. Door hardware manufacturer

In January of this year, the first national list of 90 pilot cities disclosure wisdom, immediately promoting a national "smart city" construction boom, many cities began to smart city as a blueprint for the future development of the city to build. State vigorously promote the construction of smart city, smart home also directly contributed to the popularity of the domestic household applications.

wisdom Household energy industry as a freshman, it is in a period of growing import critical point. Although the market has not yet formed consumer attitudes, but with the smart home market popularized further implementation fostered consumer use Habits, consumption potential in the smart home market is quite objective. As the industry upgrading of consumption trends, future industry growth momentum from scale expansion to upgrading, "earnings growth & gt; main growth & gt; sales growth" pattern will persist.

Rongshida Group follow the development trend of the times, innovation and integration of resources, gathering elements of innovation, and promote industrial upgrading products, leading the industry to open the wisdom of life journey, full of life wisdom adjustment strategy; open a new Internet home life wisdom.