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Hotel lock function and market prospects introduced

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-26
Hotel locks electronic lock part series, he locks and home electronicsHave different demands on household electronic door locks demanded more open approach requires coexistence, easy to open; and the hotel electronic door locks require a single person or a small door way choice, it is a good management implementation. Hotel lock from the initial development to the present mechanical lock electronic door locks, and then combined with the hotel management, electronic door locks, formed hotel network system, the rapid development, especially the emergence of electronic door locks, more rapid development.

Hotel lock function
There are five programs in the program group item, namely the system of five functions: operator management, initialization cards, room setup, system maintenance, front desk management.
1. Operator management: the definition of system operator username and set to work on the system usage rights.
2. Initialize Card: Cards for all new cards can be used to initialize the system cost.
3. Room Settings: complete information on the hotel room entry card and issue the installation, maintenance card, remove the card.
4. Maintenance: Administrator issued key card (including: total control cards, regional card, Floor card, floor card, clock card, etc.); read card data record; view operation logs.
5. Front Desk Management: This feature is the core of the system used by the hotel's front desk operator. Guests check in charge of issuing the card housing, the process of booking, check-out, continued room, make cards and so on.

The system is installed, the need for initial system settings to enter the normal operation of the system, it is generally first enter the "Operator Management", set the operator; then in the "Initialize Card" at the choice of a good computer and IC cardCorrect serial reader connected; enter "Room settings" edited (entry) room, card issuance install lock set (for door number) before use; "future management" Enable; "system maintenance" when needed . Door Lock Manufacturers
Situation market hotel locks
On the market a wide range of hotel locks, flourishing, but the quality varies greatly, most hotels will help in the bidding when asked to write the tender, but the people are to cheap as the main consideration objects. Have Some are OEM manufacturers have successfully bid a low price, but the hotel provides a lock that this will always be a problem, even if the same batch of lock is difficult to ensure uniform quality. Door handle supplier
There is after-sales service are often because these manufacturers do not have a professional team, the problem can not solve it tends to "drag" to solve the word, of course, can require manufacturers to get a new lock to re-install, but if you are Guests checked into the hotel that the emergence of this issue, they will have the confidence back? The hotel's brand will be okay? So people are often tender from the hotel's own point of view, forget the confidence of the guests of the hotel, and wine Reputation shop. Door hardware manufacturer