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How smart locks based?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-04-18

  In this era of intelligence everywhere, from toothbrushes to the aircraft, its smart to do all of sensationalism. Smart goal is to serve people, no doubt. However, in this, because there are concepts which have come down to earth stir popular pseudo-intellectual products. The reason why is a pseudo-intelligent, its biggest flaw is that: ignore human nature. Door handle supplier

In an example of smart locks. As a huge range of domestic lock industry, but also as a representative of the smart home categories, since the advent of smart locks have been sought after by the market. However, with all new products, because in almost The idea behind the phenomenon stir, there is always this kind of problem: technology is not mature enough, the price artificially high, poor quality, standards vary greatly complicated redundancy function, even if the design is in a hurry ugly ?????? smart door Lock market lock, induction lock, in its wide variety of intelligent concept of the big screen, most inevitably there are problems described above. These problems are summed up, is too much emphasis on smart, while ignoring the locks Essence, ignoring the humane care.

Can be said that the current smart locks market has developed into a bottleneck, then the next step is the development of innovative technologies need to update and ideas. Rethinking the smart home, especially with the industry status quo intelligent lock , We should also see the rise of the industry an opportunity to Shenzhen long grace independent research and development of intelligent lock walnut is trying innovative new standard for a new era of intelligent lock industry. And this standard is to complicated to take simple, back to basics Of humanity, to cutting-edge technology, highly sophisticated intelligence to accomplish two missions: security, convenience. Smart Lock walnut wish to consider and test simulates all the details of the development when many times, all in the CTSP Convenient and user-friendly end-use basis. China Locks Factory

Based on what? Return to nature of humanity in terms of a smart door locks, one is to be absolutely safe. Now businesses invested countless efforts at development, cleverly designed a sophisticated electronic algorithms. In terms of image, this algorithm to crack even ten thousand units computer may not be able to crack running round. Moreover, each time opening and closing doors automatically updated password. The electronic key real When updating, remote monitoring can be realized at any time, are all in the home to protect the security intelligence behind the door. Door hardware manufacturer

More affordable, unlike some of the market so-called smart locks - foot effort in unlock mode pseudo-intelligent and down, and once suffered a power failure or mechanical damage, completely powerless, not even general mechanical safety lock all. iWalnut Lock distinctive mechanical lock intelligent lock and separation technology, in one of ensuring security at the same time, even if the electronic lock part failure (one in a million), it will not affect the mechanical lock security can. And absolutely safe mechanical lock, the lock also established in walnut with long grace the company's proprietary anti-drilling CEI multicolored super solid cylinder. No exaggeration to say, in perfect safety, the current industry wisdom Locks can not be compared.

Second, to be humane. Embodiment of human nature, we must consider the function at the same time, to facilitation of thinking led to complicated to take Jane. So, as long as the mobile terminal APP can achieve a lot of amazing features in the past can not be achieved, including: a key sharing cloud, mobile real-time monitoring, intelligent key ring remote switch lock, electronic door locks at any time Replace the blah blah. Wherein the cloud only key share this exclusive technology, is enough in the "humane" spike in the market at this level of the same type of products. Cloud key allows users to secure the protection of privacy, the door key points at once To enjoy the trust of the people, eliminating the awkward afar. The super-low energy design also makes smart lock to eight or ten years to stick in front of your home, so you no longer worry about the safety of the family, just as one proceeds.

Of these are derived from a conscience lock prices on industry responsibility, commitment to consumers, on the quality of their own self-discipline. With the advent and popularization of intelligent lock as an opportunity, perhaps intelligent lock industry will usher in a change innovation Generation timing. Lock To science and technology, return to nature, no doubt trustworthy. If at any time you want to start a new smart home life, maybe change a smart lock it!