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How to choose a car anti-theft lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-02
With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are improving, the car has become an indispensable part of people's lives. In the domestic car ownership increasing, while more and more car thefts occur, and as technology advances, car theft means thieves are constantly upgraded. So, pay attention to car theft measures are very necessary. The following to introduce three car anti-theft devices, their respective advantages and disadvantages in the application of the Board. Door Manufacturers

Mechanical locks

It is understood that the owner of the car was the robbery of vigilance is not weak, most owners choose mechanical lock anti-theft also know that the average car steering wheel lock, gear lock, brake clutch locks, wheel locks and other mechanical lock, in skilled crime Molecular limited effect in front of theft, a few seconds or ten seconds to open a lock to unlock many companies nor difficult. Select "Iron General" door, in addition to psychological more at ease, mechanical locks can indeed play a certain extent, to deter car theft behavior effect, increasing the likelihood of theft was discovered, and, like the steering wheel lock is placed in the car there self-defense role. Of course, the low cost is a very important factor. In addition, the installation of mechanical lock without changing the car circuit, easy to fail.

However, even the purchase of mechanical locks, many owners of short-term leave, or because often forgotten or too cumbersome and did not lock. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminder, automobile anti-theft lock when travel by car should be more of them. Doorknob supplier

Electronic anti-theft alarm system

The second lot of heavy anti-theft device is fitted to the car owners of electronic anti-theft alarm. Car was hit or experiencing a larger sound, it will immediately sound the alarm. In many areas, encounter a thunderstorm, downstairs vehicle anti-theft alarm system often ringing. China Locks Factory

Mentioned more than one owner, the vehicle beginning the installation of electronic anti-theft alarm, hear the alarm ringing, I will go to see if there are things that happen, but over time on its hands, unless the alarm has been ringing, otherwise do not bother to look . In addition, many owners mentioned automotive electronic anti-theft alarm system sound basic monotonous, difficult to tell whether your vehicle alarm, which also reduces people to the vehicle sound the alarm sound sensitivity. For traveling by car owners, this is more of a hassle, and therefore require multiple automobile anti-theft protection.

Electronic anti-theft alarm alarm sound can be more effectively deter theft, while the general electronic anti-theft alarm system by locking the ignition or starting to achieve security purposes.

However, from the current look stolen vehicles, the installation of electronic anti-theft vehicle alarm are also many cases of theft. Typically, such vehicles are stolen in the case of unattended. Therefore, the owner of the parking place driving select especially if long-term parking place, need more from the car anti-theft security considerations, but to save parking fees and the vehicle parked in a parking area or in remote locations and undesirable.

GPS and GSM burglar alarm

Currently the owner of the installation of security equipment, as well as the more popular GSM GPS anti-theft and anti-theft two kinds.

GPS vehicle anti-theft GPS-based navigation functions derived from an auxiliary anti-theft feature, not so much its "security", as with "Chasing Pirates" to define more accurate. Its main role is in fact to be found after the vehicle stolen vehicles. In general, GPS theft is certainly conducive to recovered stolen vehicles found criminals, but the use of this system there is usually service fee, in addition to several thousand dollars of equipment costs, but also a few hundred dollars per year service fee.

In addition, satellite positioning by the weather, which affect the surrounding environment of the vehicle there are blind spots, such as the vehicle enters a tunnel, underground car park or shelter more places, it is difficult to find stolen vehicles positioning signal from the network. However, the use of GPS theft, such as the satellite signal is good, the car is still quite easy to find missing, and compared to other anti-theft positioning systems, GPS positioning anti-theft vehicle location more accurate. Of course, all this is established in the case of criminal theft of vehicles equipped with GPS unknowingly, otherwise the system may be vandalism.

GSM security is carried out by moving the signal base station location, in the event of police intelligence reports sent back information or voice, some of these systems can also automatically cut off the circuit, the circuit and the like. However, similar and GPS anti-theft, GSM anti-theft requires a communications network signal, such as in areas or poor signal coverage, can not play a role. At present, many car alarm system is using a combination of GPS and GSM burglar alarm systems.