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How to choose a high quality door lock

Lock is the core of the door, not only affect the overall quality of the door, but also closely related to the safety of home life, the following to share the door to buy skills.

1, because the door selected lock

When choosing a lock, first of all to pay attention to select the door with the door to open the same direction of the lock, so that the switch door can be more convenient; Second, pay attention to the width of the door frame, under normal circumstances, the ball lock and handle lock can not be placed in less than 90mm , The door around the skeleton width of 90mm above 100mm should choose the ordinary ball lock 60mm lock; 100mm or more, you can use the big cover that 70mm lock the lock; In addition, the thickness of the door and the lock is also an important option.

2, pay attention to the wear resistance of the door lock

Associated with the wear resistance is the material of the door lock. In the choice of material can be used to "see", "Dian", "listen" to master. Look at the appearance of color, made of copper locks are generally polished and frosted, compared with the copper, the color should be dark, but very natural. Weigh its weight, pure copper lock feel heavier, and stainless steel locks significantly lighter. Listen to the sound of its opening, copper-plated locks to open the sound more boring, stainless steel lock sound is crisp.

3, pay attention to the feel of the door lock

The feel of the door is determined by the spring, the spring is good or bad to determine the use of the feel and life. Spring is not good, easy to cause the handle droop, shorten the life of the lock. When you want to try to buy a door lock spring toughness, good spring to bring the feel is very soft, not too soft will not be too hard

4, pay attention to the coating of the lock

In the purchase process also depends on the door of the coating, which is to consider whether the lock handle will fade. In general, the protective layer of a good door lock, that is, the coating will not be easily oxidized and worn. The handle of the handle is related to the beauty of the room as a whole, so this can not be ignored.