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How to choose the right supplier NO.1

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-04
1. Market Conditions
      If the purchaser only in cooperation with a supplier, it needs to strengthen supervision of the market conditions in order to ensure that suppliers to maintain competitiveness. By finding new sources of the desired product, the purchaser may prevent existing suppliers of unreasonable price increases or quality. Door  Lock Manufacturers
2. Product complexity or technological change
      Existing supplier may be the only owner of the patent or a specific program, exclude the possibility of using other sources. In addition, if the company is involved in cost costly tool, die, die or organization, provided that the copy Preparation costs will discourage the use of new suppliers. On the other hand, to maintain the existing suppliers could result in the loss of the purchaser in terms of new technology, namely, new technologies and suppliers of goods or services can provide. China Locks Factory
3. The demand for urgency
      New suppliers to establish inevitably involves training the company's time and experience. If the product will soon be required, then the use of a new supplier may not be practical.
4. quality expectations
      Existing suppliers could very prominent in terms of quality, so that the rest of the procurement does not become serious considerations. On the other hand, if the quality of the existing marginal supplier, the new supplier is worth serious consideration. New suppliers might eager to get new business, it may be a special effort to provide high quality services
5. Supplier Program
      Suppliers how to produce and sell products and services and providers to adopt outsourcing to what extent? They procurement, production and maintenance of program products and services are what? Door hardware manufacturer