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How to choose the right supplier? NO.2

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-05
6. sufficient competition
      New suppliers may offer programs to expand the supply of choice and competition. For example, new suppliers can make the case the purchaser is no longer the only source. New supplier may provide technical support or other existing sources can not provide hold. However, the purchaser must carefully consider the use of new suppliers. The supplier in order to obtain new business and bid too low? Suppliers of such acts in future procurement will produce what kind of impact the enterprise? Product or Service More important, the evaluation of potential sources should be more careful. Using detailed job specifications and provide appropriate instructions for future price negotiations of contract terms, as well as careful evaluation of vendor cost data, these considerations Su just part of the purchaser in consideration when new suppliers. Door handle supplier
Cost and Value 7. sources
      The purchase price of a product may only hold one third of the total cost. Continuity of supply is the primary consideration of the purchaser, and the purchase price may be relatively unimportant matters. Quality, service and technical support and vendor Innovation, these matters constitute the total cost of holding. Accountability and solve problems, maintenance and operating costs, as well as factors in determining the depreciated value is the total cost of the time must be considered.
8. The long-term needs      
      By finding new sources of supply, the purchaser try to protect the enterprise supply chain in existing supplier fails to perform according to the agreed time is not lost. However, keep in touch with existing suppliers as well, especially in these companies proved They can also willing to offer preferential prices to meet the long-term quality, service standards and delivery times. Such providers can be a good candidate for certain types of cooperation deal. China Locks Factory
9. Long-term relationship
      A fundamental objective of procurement and supply management is through the development of worldwide supply base to build competitive advantage. This relationship is characterized by close cooperation between the behavior of the purchaser and the supplier, usually in long-term cooperation Developed. Frequent change supplier show for the price of attention and ignore the total cost. Change vendors lead to higher costs, most procurement professionals have believed that only a substantial difference in the total cost of only worth changing supplier. Supplier of procurement organizations understand, the more long-time relationship concerns, vendors will be more willing to make cost-saving measures for the purchaser.
10. supplier base needs adjustment
      Locate potential suppliers and develop new sources of supply for the maintenance of security is very important. Although the supplier selection process on matters previously drew attention to the outside, but also the presence of their performance is not satisfactory suppliers. Usually it should be noted that these vendors to stop trading and before they plan to correct performance problems. Sometimes, however, with the new suppliers to replace those lower than expected performance of the supplier is the only viable option.
11. The change in supplier companies
      If you already have suppliers undergone major changes, such as retirement of key personnel, merger or takeover, it is possible to increase the supply or quality may be incoherent. If a person creates and manages a business, the company will often grow too big, so that individuals can not control, thereby disrupting the normal operation of enterprises. Such conditions might find new suppliers justify.
12. The supply of consistency
      Supply disruptions in the decision to use an existing supplier or when important issues to purchase new suppliers to be considered. Between existing suppliers and supply disruption may be due to strikes, fires, natural disasters, capacity constraints, quality Or production problems, supplier sources of problems, financial problems and ownership changes caused. If you have a real disaster contingency plans, a number of production equipment, effective production management and quality control systems as well as successor Program, we can enhance the coherence between existing suppliers and supply. Between new sources of supply disruptions may be due to a number of factors and can not provide the price, quality and service commitments. These may include: & Supplies Communication requirements between suppliers is not enough, lack of supplier capacity to meet the requirements, capacity constraints as well as the original supplier to the unexpected speed is eliminated. In some cases, there are always problems between suppliers and supply possible It can not be solved by seeking new sources. Cooperation between existing suppliers may be the best choice. Door hardware manufacturer