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How to do hotel card lock unusual

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-30
  Hotel card lock unusual how to do? We all know the hotel card lock occurs normally open situation, how should it be handled? There may be many hotel managers or lock dealers, and so will encounter this situation. Door Lock Manufacturers
  In general, magnetic card lock Hotel appears normally open may be caused by the following reasons:
   1. Hotel card lock brush emergency card Solution: Re-brush emergency card or door card to open a door you can return to normal.
   2. During the installation process locks the data lines pulled off, the solution: Replace the cable or disconnect and reconnect at (handle, so as not to reveal electric) can be.
   3. Lock the battery voltage is insufficient to cause the motor can not be reset, and the other side of the card lock appears normally open, the workaround: Replace the new battery can be
   4. Turn the motor inside the lock body sheet is sawdust blocked, causing the motor drive mechanism does not work, the solution: remove the lock from the lock slot - clear wood chips - and then power - Connectivity panel - with door card test drive - the drive motor is turned on after the power smoothly, the panel interface is disconnected, you can reload. China Locks Factory
   5. The motor failure Solution: Replace the motor or a direct replacement of the lock body