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How to do if electromagnetic lock loss magnetic

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-05-06
The so-called electromagnetic lock is the use of electric magnetism of principle, then you know that electromagnetic lock magnetic loss is how it's going, the reason for loss of excitation electromagnetic locks will have a strong suction weakened, would not achieve the effect, then after loss of field What should I do?

    Found no magnetic electromagnetic chuck, the first to press the button wheel motor starter switch electromagnetic chuck, the workpiece can not pull, because the interlock relay contacts, while the grinding wheel motor can not start. Open toolbox with test pencil electrical inspection at both ends of the fuse, and then multimeter range measuring 500V AC power supplyVoltage of 380V. Disconnect the main power switch, check the AC contactor for mechanical stuck phenomenon, remove the contactor coil wire each one with a multimeter power block measuring resistance across the coil, the hands indicating normal, well proven electromagnetic coil sucker. Door Manufacturers
    Connect the electromagnetic coil wire chuck, remove the under voltage relay housing, measure the resistance across the coil, hands still indicating normal, indicating undervoltage relay coil is also not break, and then check the relay for mechanical stuck phenomenon. then Closing the upper portion of the power switch with a multimeter block measuring AC transformer secondary voltage is 135 V, change the DC block measuring voltage across the rectifier diode, under normal circumstances, the bridge rectifier output DC voltage should be 110V, no voltage output at this time. Disconnect the main power switch with a multimeter power block were measured four Rectifier diodes and found two pipes in question. Welding wires diodes open, remove the diode measurements check again that the tubing has been breakdown. Replace the two new diodes, connect the wires, welding inspection It is solid. China Locks Factory
    The above is a brief introduction of the electromagnetic lock magnetic loss and how it was after the loss of field how to do, I hope you can help.