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How to pick the lock at ease

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-22

 The first one: buy a lock to see key "tooth." The more teeth, tooth deeper, more complex arrangement, the greater the opening degree of difficulty, the better the anti-theft performance. Door Manufacturers

 The second trick: pick the lock on the pounds, said the two, a look at the weight ratio of the second cylinder. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder, the more cylinder inside the beads, the better anti-theft feature.

 The third measure: the election look at the color of the lock cylinder, look at work than color. Good quality lock cylinder electroplating process, the surface smooth, bright color. Wherein the color is dark yellow copper core, relatively strong, better anti-theft performance, cylinder dark color, the color gray bubbles are zinc alloy, theft performance in general. Doorknob supplier

 Fourth trick: Turn the key lock cylinder is inserted into the card theft performance difference, after the key is inserted and a half, with 5-7 component clockwise or counter-clockwise and continue pressing the key into the lock port, described by card key security cylinder poor performance, successfully inserted in a good state of semi-rotary cylinder instructions theft effect. China Locks Factory