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How to select the right door and window lock?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-29

       Door and window lock is solid and durable, of home safety often plays an important role, therefore, consumers in the purchase process is naturally more "heart", beware of buying inferior products. Here we provide a few buy recommendations: 1, recommended visibility high, stable quality, good after-sales service of products, so that consumers can be less to worry about; door lock manufacturer

  2, check the identity of the purchased product packaging, signs are complete (including product standard, grade, manufacturer's name, address, date of production) solid packaging, content and product line, beware of exaggerated and untrue; door handle suppliers

  3, observing the appearance quality of the project, including lock, lock, latch, handle and plate components and related accessories are complete, plating, painting the surface color is bright and evenly, with no signs of rust, oxidation and other damage. China locks factory

  4, check the function of the products are reliable, flexible, and to check up to two products should be chosen. Especially when buying two-way lock products, you must try all keys are used for internal and external lock switch. Insurance institutions should also check product, it is recommended that each lock is at least three times over.

  5, check the key teeth of keys, such as five spoonfuls of teeth, each key should have no less than three different key teeth while the first gear fifth gear should endeavour not to select most of the key teeth, which also facilitate key Plug and easily broken.