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Improve safety lock is intelligent hardware lock key

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-18

      Currently, with the development of real estate, cars and other pillar industries, improvement of living standards and the increase in home decorating, increasing the demand for locks, greatly promote consumer upgrade market, also contributed to the industry by leaps and bounds development of. Lock both in terms of technology or quality aspects are improved. Double tongue resumed security lock, electronic password lock spherical, encryption type magnetic lock excellent quality, high-tech smart locks the market, is the best which performed. Domestic and foreign products and technological advances locks, locks the super market is gradually GOLD exudes eye-catching gold. Door Lock Manufacturers

It is understood that the smart door lock cylinder radial design of a built-in clutch, improving locks shock loads, making it more secure. Moreover, the intelligent lock also incorporates intelligent coding technology, anti-glare interference, reducing power locks, reducing the frequency of battery replacement locks. Door handle supplier

"The reason why smart, because it is added to the touch screen, password, fingerprint, remote control, wireless, credit card, etc. These high-tech, intelligent elements reinforce the humane care. With these high-end smart lock security performance , you can largely protect the user's life and property safety. "China Science and Technology Hardware City, Wei Xin hardware products business unit responsible for Yemou said. China Locks Factory

Door Fair is approaching, since mid-April, the store business has improved over the previous few months, orders come to call single constant stream of customers, but also in high-end smart lock occupy most sales. Yongkang as "China's doors", locks the door industry is supporting the product, the update frequency is much higher than the surrounding counties (cities) of the market, stocking waves of businessmen came to the scene naturally uncommon.

In addition to high-tech, value-added and more intelligent lock, the lock market is part of the ordinary with the high cost of materials and fantastic designs, but also high-end locks market occupied a place. Antique lock is its In one. Although its anti-theft performance is not strong, but as decorative locks, favored by consumers. Since antique locks to use more complicated, some consumers are not good use, frequency of use in the home very little, which also Antique lock is not completely popular for one reason. Plus antique locks are usually handmade, market price is relatively higher. Even so, with the antique dealers have become convinced that the international trend of the industry, but also antique locks They will have their own piece of the market.

The industry should be certain that, although the high-end lock products market has become mainstream consumer trends, but the industry needs to want a higher level in many ways Efforts. The production process, the surface treatment and processing fuss, improve product durability and decorative, but also the development and application of the latest technology, materials, saving energy, reducing pollution. In the marketing side Surface, and increase efforts to adjust the product structure, selecting the right starting point, the high-tech, high value-added door as R & D focus, the implementation of brand strategy to further increase brand awareness, improving quality management, and strict quality standards, and encouraged A group of hard-quality, industry big name brands.