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Intelligent lock right into the universal stage?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-26

      From mechanical locks to electronic locks, lock industry experienced a leap-frog development in China. With the passage of time, my locks with increasing market demand for new technologies, new processes. Lock is used changes from a single card, fingerprints, voice-activated technology, continuously upgraded. People in the pursuit of safety locks, but also pay attention to its convenience, advanced and fashion, and many other elements. Estimates, China's digital electronics industry will be the next 3-5 years, truly entered a period of market penetration.door lock manufacturer

  With the growing domestic high quality building, and development of intelligent digital electronic door lock without delay, in the new housing market rise. With the macro-control on real estate, increased awareness of environmental protection, prices gradually rationalized prices, a new round of competition in the commercial focus will gradually reflected in environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence, security and other aspects, the real estate industry will continue growing demand for high-end digital electronic door lock market. Door handle suppliers

  Smart door lock lock cylinder design of the built-in radial clutch, improved door shock loads, and make it more safe and reliable. Moreover, the intelligent door lock using intelligent coding techniques, resistance to light interference, reduce the power consumption of locks, replaced door lock battery less frequently. High-end smart lock have these security properties, you can protect life and property safety of users to a large extent.

  According to the market research shows that physical access control over 70% 80% of the end users and industry respondents believe, 3-5 years in the future, they hope that mobile, keys, cards, tags or voucher card replace current traditional locks. The survey further shows that smart lock will usher in a change in the market. China locks factory

  Technology advances, lock in change. Locks are necessities and protect the safety of God. Although the digital electronic lock market is not yet mature, but it can be foreseen that it will be an eternal industry. At present, national lock sales of about 2.2 billion or more a year. Only with a new generation of fingerprint lock, for example, it is estimated, including the financial, military, Office, residential, commercial and residential markets every year, about 5 million sets of market demand.