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Is anti-theft locks in your home safe?

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-03-12

       Home security is one of the security problems consumers are most concerned about. Security door home security infrastructure in order to ensure safety in the home, buy 一扇 security anti-theft door is essential. Security doors mainly to see other materials, installation and locks factors which door is the most critical part. Door Lock Manufacturers.

Currently the vast majority of the consumer's home use are A-type lock, unlock this lock with the development of technology, safety drop, some multi-layer anti-theft lock is set to increase the number of turns lock back to safety, but no matter back more number of turns, A-type lock in the hands of thieves still tens of seconds to crack success. Door handle supplier.

According to Ministry of Public Security GAT73-94 "mechanical anti-theft lock" provisions, anti-theft alarm lock their ability to sub-normal level of protection and high level of protection, the general level of protection locks, by the letter "A", said senior Level of protection locks with the letter "B" indicates. A type of anti-theft lock to prevent technical lock time less than 1 minute to prevent the destructive turn-on time less than 15 minutes; B-type lock to prevent theft technology lock time less than 5 minutes Bell, to prevent the impact on time less than 30 minutes. B-type anti-theft lock more secure, in the actual test, B-type anti-theft locks are broken open time are much higher than the national standard, but higher than thieves criminal psychology withstand Rooms can be more effectively protect consumers property and personal safety.

Therefore, Taicang BUSINESS remind consumers each end of both the high incidence of theft, especially during the Spring Festival holiday, many consumers no one at home for a long time, the greater the risk of burglary, consumers should maximize their own security door locks safety, when replacing the anti-theft locks core note the following: door hardware manufacturer

First, raise the level of security locks simply replace the lock cylinder, the cylinder consumer self-detached, detached cylinder in accordance with the specifications, purchase a higher level of the lock cylinder. General formal security door lock cylinder can be replaced without replacing the entire door, the whole lock.

Second, consumers should pay attention to anti-theft lock model specifications, one for replacement. General Class B ordinary cylinder and cylinder shape and dimensions are unified. There are also special anti-theft locks, specifications are not unified, make sure that the lock cylinder specifications consumers before purchase.

Third, the price of Class B theft lock cylinder is currently at more than 200 hypermarkets to 300 yuan range, advised consumers to buy the regular brand. Class B is also locked, but also to choose a good quality product. Currently there are a variety of key materials, the relatively good material is steel.