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Detailed knowledge sensors lock

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-02-27

       Induction on the lock to the door actually is more common, such as community need to brush the magnetic card door of entrance, hotel room doors. Induction lock has a lot of categories, prior to purchase, you need to know, know to buy notes. door lock manufacturer

  1 General category induction, induction lock lock using a variety of "card" as the key, regardless of the type of card variety, under the card operation, contact and contactless cards can be divided into two categories. Contactless card technology now mature, low price applied more widely; non-contact card concealed, easy to use, great comeback of potential. door handle suppliers

  2, the advantages of induction lock storage amount is an advantage for induction card lock, it not only as a key, and that personal information will be included, especially for the financial sector focusing on "pedigreed" characteristics, and use of a card (such as getting started, unlock, storage, billing etc) bring the cardholder convenience.  Use of such electronic anti-theft lock, need to be carefully kept card, lost the card authorization must be abolished as soon as possible. Door hardware manufacturers

  3, sensor locks the disadvantages of induction also has many types of locks, anti-theft differ.  Low-end products, such as community access cards, one a few Yuan, less secure; in addition, the card also seems key cannot be forgotten or lost, so no more intelligent locks to take advantage and card compared to the keys more easily damaged.

  4 weapon, sensor lock purchase referred to buy Smart in addition to talking about password lock locking method techniques, choosing sensor lock, induction locks can also be based on the following judging quality is good or bad.  

  Induction key card, test the sensitivity of repeating consecutive card or induction key card to open the door after normal operation, there should be "no response" or "error", "motor around" phenomenon.  

  Second, understand the static power consumption using induction induction door locks lock after you first check the sensor sensitivity and understanding induction door locks power dissipation. Because the General induction door locks are battery-powered, some brands induction door locks four batteries can be used continuously for more than a year, and some brand new batteries in less than a month.  Frequent battery replacement will seriously affect the use.

  Third, focus on quality induction card lock card can be divided into the IC card, TM cards, magnetic cards, now use the most is the IC-contact door locked, IC card locks commonly use Siemens cards. Currently card companies are many, many intelligent factory selection smaller card factory system card, cannot ensure the quality of chips. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of cards, recommended stronger brands products.