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Life with lock small details worth a look

  • Author:root hardware
  • Release on :2016-01-18
     We have some knowledge of hardware products will be a long day here, there's a lot of problems. Among the most prominent is the door, because every day we locked in with it every day in the sports, use a long time there will be some problems. We found a lot of the user's home door lock because there is no regular maintenance attention or caused by improper maintenance.
      We look at the maintenance of the lock should pay attention to what:
First of all, do not often use oil to lubricate the lock manufacturers like
People often find that the lock is not very good or somewhat tight, just like in the lock of a drop of oil drops class, so the results soon enough with a few activities, but we have to note the oil is very easy to stick ash so lock eyes will slowly accumulate dust inside the junction block, this time a little longer lock can not be used.
      To solve this problem is very simple, just cut some pencils Unqualified Unqualified or some candles, blown through a fine tube inside the cylinder, then rotate several times to insert the key repeatedly. Doorknob supplier
Secondly, do not use a key to open the door forced a twist
       Sometimes, the door itself is very heavy, or for some reason the door is not flexible, so that the door to sink, it will unlock when the key is not good now open, and then open the door there will be a heavy load, If the door does not open a small force, the force is too large and would be more trouble broke key. China Locks Factory
       In this case we should see why. If it is loose because of loose-leaf doors leading to the sinking, it will loose leaflet screwed tight on the line. If the frame deformation or cause unrecoverable, can start from the door frame, the corresponding expansion bolt, so that the door lock switch is easy.